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  Hints and Tips for: Shenmue II 
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 Shenmue II Cheats

Shenmue II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Own a duck to use in duck races:
After the cutscenes when you've finished catching leaves at the temple for 
the first time, go back and try it again.
If you catch 4 leaves all together (not in a row but actually all at the same 
time), you will hear a 'quack' and a feather will drop from the tree. Catch it
(be ready because it's fast!) and Ryo will notice a duck in the tree.
Choose 'catch' from the selections that appear and then watch a funny (if not 
incomplete) cutscene.
The duck will then be yours for use in the duck races.

100 Missiles In Afterburner:
Get to the third level and press Left + X. Your missile count will increase by 100.

Bad/Alternate Ending:
To get the bad/alternate ending, you must play the game up until June 31st, 1987. 
At the end of this day Ryo will get into bed and it will occur. A good way to 
quickly get it is to keep failing the QTE at Zhangyu Barber's.

Clear Pause Screen:
To clear the pause screen, simply pause the game and press X + Y.

Free Rent:
At the Come Over Guest House, leave and don't pay. Then stay out until 11:00 PM.

Omake "Mode":
Put disc one in your PC CD-ROM drive to enter the ''Omake mode''.

Video of Shenmue on Saturn:
Beat the game and after the credits you'll be able to watch a video of Shenmue 
back when it was a Saturn game before it was switched to DC from the arcade 
section of the Shenmue Collection.

Infinite Days At Work:
You can get infinite days at work if you want. This is useful to build up money, 
however the maximum wage you get for delivering a crate only goes up to 600 Yen. 
What you do is simply miss an important event that occurs after work. For example, 
simply do not show up in front of the Harbour Lounge when you have to go there 
to get a cut scene with Shozo Mizuki, or do not show up at the central pier when 
Gui Zhang is meant to meet you there to teach you a move.

Getting The Bad Ending:
There is an alternate ending to Shenmue, commonly called the "bad ending". To 
get it, simply last through to 15th April 1987. A simple way to get it by yourself 
is on the sneaking into the Old Warehouse District part on disc 2. When you try 
and sneak in, there is a one button QTE where you have to catch a flashlight. 
Simply fail this QTE and a day progresses, so simply put the controller down, 
stroll away, and by the time you have come back to the Dreamcast, it should have 
progressed a fair few days. It will ask you to save before you see the bad ending. 
Then enjoy.

Infinite Winning Cans:
To get infinite winning cans, simply collect some in the game, then save your game 
in the bedroom. Then save a resume file. You can then load the resume file on your 
passport disc and use the winning cans to get "Shenmue Characters". Then load your 
game again, and save a new resume file. Repeat the trick.

Winning At The Slot Machines:
The slot machines may offer top quality prizes for getting 777 but they are extremely 
hard to get. So, here's a tip to make you win more easily. Simply go to the Lapis 
Fortune Teller, and ask for her to tell you the "gamble". It will cost you 300 Yen, 
but it gives you the lucky slot machine number for that day. So, simply play on that 
machine to win easier on that day.

The J-Pop Motorcycle Song:
On the passport disc, go to the Dreamcast's main menu and enter the "Music" icon, 
track 5 is a proper CD audio track of the J-Pop song "Wish…" played during the 
Nozomi motorcycle scene at the end of the game. You can listed to it on your normal 
CD player, although, heed the warning that track 2 gives, the game tracks can damage
your speakers.

Where do I find my savegames?:
Shenmue II Savegames can be found here:

x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[YOUR STEAM ID HERE]\758330\remote\sm2saves

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