Sherman M4 Tank Sim Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Sherman M4 Tank Sim 
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 Sherman M4 Tank Sim Cheats

Sherman M4 Tank Sim

Helpful Tactics:
I've found that instead of charging the enemy positions, I'll
look out from the forward outside view, move forward for a bit,
then stop and use my binoculars to spot for enemy units. When I
spot one, I'll raise my cannon to maximum height, align my 
sights with the enemy, and charge forward slowly. 
As soon as I see the sucker on the "horizon" I'll fire a shot 
and retreat until he's beyond my perscope view. This works very 
well, but sometimes you get into a "cluster fuck" of several 
bunkers and tanks, and this tactic doesn't work well. 
So I'll have my remaining tanks charge forward with the 
autopilot on, engaging the enemy units, while I sneak around 
behind their defensive position and blast them while they're 
not looking (generally they'll fire at your other tanks and 
not at you, but sometimes they'll fire at you instead). 
This game is VERY realistic. Also you'll see flags at various 
locations. You MUST capture the flags. To do this simply move 
the tank towards the flag (pretend you're running it over). 
As you back up you'll see that it changed from a Nazi flag to 
an American flag.

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