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  Hints and Tips for: Sid Meier's SimGolf 
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 Sid Meier's SimGolf Cheats

Sid Meier's SimGolf

Cheat Codes:
Hold "Shift" then tap the =/+ and watch the money roll in. During Gameplay
Press Control+Shift+Alt, then type the cheats below (Case Sensitive).

Code                  Effect
Tigerwoodsrules     - Makes Your Pro 990% in all Skills.
happysmile          - Makes Happy the best raiting.
moolahmore          - Gives you 9 Billion.
sgarequest          - Gives your course the best SGA Rating.
99beersonthewall    - Makes all Snackbars give Max Thirst.

More money:
Update by: Peter

Weedmaster, Submitted the following Information:

While playing (creating) a level press and hold the shift button and press
the ( + = ) button. If you press and hold them at the same time you will 
receive more money.

GameTip [Demo]:
Submitted by: conner54
To create a golfer with all stats on 100%, do the following: 
1. create a new game, doesn't matter what theme you choose 
2. create a new hole, doens't matter what size, just create one. 
3. Open that hole (press 'h'), and choose to play a practise round. 
4. now you can distribute points to your golfers skills, just add them the 
   way you like it. 
5. now, save your golfer (go to golferdetails, and press the disk button) 
   and exit the game. 
6. start a new game, go to your golfers details and load your saved golfer
   (press the folder icon and select the name of the golfer) 
7. again, create and open a hole, play a practice round 
8. you can now add 10 or more extra points to your golfer 
9. again, save (overwrite) and exit. 
10. repeat steps 6 through 9 until your golfer has every single stat on 100% 

It's now a piece of cake to win a golftournament!!! 

Submitted by: goldberg 

I found a way in the simgolf demo to increse money press on the keyboard + left 
from backslash button, when press money slowli goes up.

Domen Roksandic

Quick Hole Selection:
An undocumented shortcut key, press 1-9 and SHIFT 1-9 to jump to each hole on 
your course.

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