Siege Survival: Gloria Victis Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Siege Survival: Gloria Victis 
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 Siege Survival: Gloria Victis Cheats

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Obtain Strength In Numbers Achievement (Prologue):
Written by Tiris

Some guiding tips on how to unlock this achievement for the Siege Survival 

-=Achievement Walkthrough=-
This achievement can be completed during the first of the two battles. You 
need to reach a score of 38 to unlock it. I chose to do this achievement 
last, and dedicated an entire save file to it, so I would not have to worry
about the other elements, such as food or water. 

Here's how I did it:

* During the first night collect the arrows and then choose to take the axe from 
  the woman.

* Night 2: As the newly unlocked Bertram, take all your non-essential items 
  (medicine, chicken food), find the shovel and clear the way to the area with 
  the merchant (East). Barter with the trader for some metal and some planks. 
  While in this area, search around for the broken axe; you may also need more 
  wood for the buildings. Head home.
* The first battle occurs during night three. With the first axe, the first 
  arrows, and two boulders from the trebuchet, you will only achieve a score 
  of 37, so you need to quickly repair the axe. To do this, you will need to 
  quickly create 1 X tools, several planks, build the repair station, then 
  repair the axe. While this is happening, you will also need to collect two 
  boulders that will fall from the sky. Before the battle ends, quickly deposit 
  the following at the Bastion:

2 X axes.
The arrows found during the first night.
2 X boulders.

This should give you a score of 38, which is the highest possible in the 
prologue build of the game, and unlock the Strength in Numbers achievement.

It's worth noting that this took me a few attempts, simply because sometimes 
the boulders miss, or smash into pieces. Remember that you need 2, so if any 
less fall successfully, reload the save. You will begin at the beginning of Day 3.

Personally, I never saw any more than 2 boulders drop. If 3 WERE to drop, then 
you could bypass repairing the axe entirely.

-=Some hints for day three=-
* The battle won't begin immediately, so use this time to get as much done as 
* There will be moments when one of your two characters will be idle, try and 
  use this time wisely. While one man is finishing repairing the axe, send the
  other to stand close to the Bastion (the shield icon) ready to deliver the 

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