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  Hints and Tips for: Signal Simulator 
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 Signal Simulator Cheats

Signal Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks to Finding Signals (Without Live Tracking):
Written by Elkator

Tips and tricks to make signal finding easy without live tracking. 
These should help people who still have troubles after reading the basic tutorial.

Whit a new update signals are not tracked live making finding them a lot harder, 
here are tips and tricks to find signals easier as soon as possible. 
This is for people who already have the basics down.

Tip #1: When starting you do not want to turn towards a signal that is more than 
120 degrees away from your current azimuth+elevation. By the time the dishes turn 
there you will not have enough time to download the signal. With upgrades the 120 
changes to a higher number, but at default 120 is way too much.

Tip #2: The three most important upgrades are azimuth speed, coordinate detection 
and buffer. The azimuth has a very wide range and therefore requires upgrading to 
get to the signal faster. Coordinate detection and buffers reduce the range you 
need to search in. The antena detection isn't as vital because of tip 3.

Tip #3: When you are looking at coordinates the average is always the best number,
watch it for a bit and go about 5 degrees from the highest or lowest average 
number and start going up or down 1 degree at a time. Even the default detection 
range picks up some percentage whithin 1 degree.

Tip #4: There is an exception to tip 3. When the azimuth or elevation are close 
to their minimum or maximum the average will be thrown off. For example with an 
azimuth minimum of 0.11 and 20.11 the average will be around 11.11 even though 
the signal is around 1 or 2. That's because coordinates don't wrap around for 
azimuth (and can't for elevation), so it will go as low (or as high) as it can 
but keeping the coordinate range. So if you can't find any signal in an average 
go towards the border number.

Tip #5: Your system efficiency is important. When you are not actively using a 
system, turn it off, conserve as much power as possible. When your signal 
strength is not in download range have the antenas turned off (you don't need 
them on to find the signal only to start downloading), when you are done 
detecting coordinates turn it off. Wasting electricity weakens turn speed and 
download speed.

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