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  Hints and Tips for: Sign of Silence 
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 Sign of Silence Cheats

Sign of Silence

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Creedy

When too much noise is made, a large spider-like creature will appear from 
the Earth. It will try to either kill one of you or take one you to its 
nest (underground across the map). Some ways I found out how to fight against 
the Spider is to either run around and pray it doesn't eat you or let it 
take your tasty body. From experience, the Spider take you to its nest the 
first time it captures you. The second time it attacks you, you will be 
killed instead of taken to its nest.

The Skinny is the most common monster/enemy you will find around the map. 
You will know when they are near when you hear some sort of gargling noise. 
It makes it's noise for maybe around 3-4 seconds. The Skinnies are blind 
and are only attracted to noise or if you get in a certain radius of them 
(I do not know the radius). When he Skinny attacks, it will rush into your 
face. It doesn't kill you right away when it rushes you or at least I don't 
think it does. The Skinny can only be stunned by a flare or flare gun. When 
you shoot a flare gun at it, it will stun it for maybe around 10 seconds. 
Using a flare is best used when the Skinny rushes at you. The flare locks 
it in place for around the same time as the flare gun.

-=Tall boy=-
The Tall boy stands still and looks like a tree. Upon closer inspection, 
they look like a skinny but a bit fatter and tall as a tree. I don't know 
what happens when you walk close to it (too scared to walk up to it) The 
Tall boys seem to be like sentries and when you walk near them, they probably 
do something very terrifying.

-=Noise Meter=-
The noise meter is located at the bottom left of your screen. Noise is only 
raised when you step on glass, alert crows, alert dogs, walking or being 
near a dying horse, walking through chains, and jiggling a locked door 
handle. When the noise meter raises, it will turn red when you're making 
too much noise and the Spider will pop out from the ground and eat your 

-=Battery Life=-
The battery life is at the bottom right of your screen and will slowly go 
down when you have your flashlight on. When the flashlight is about to 
die, it will start flickering until you recharge it. In order to recharge 
your battery, you must turn off your flashlight and wait around 5 seconds 
maybe longer.

With the recent update with voice chat, stamina was added to the game. 
There is no stamina bar you can actually see, but after running around 
for a bit you will go back to walk speed.

The compass is located top right of your screen. The compass shows any 
important locations. At the start of the game, the cargo lift will be on 
your compass. The compass shows logos of place of interests and unread 

-=The Cargo Lift=-
Requires 3 fuses. Near spawn, south east (check the compass!).

-=The Helicopter=-
Requires 1 fuel, and 2 fuses. Other side of the map. Must refuel the 
generator at the bottom of the radio tower. Climb the radio tower then 
insert fuses and call for helicopter pickup. All players who are alive 
must be next to the helicopter and a 30 second timer counts down to 
rescue everyone. Do not press e on the helicopter! Pressing E will only 
make that one person leave and end the game.

-=The Boat=-
At bottom middle of the map. Requires boat parts and fuel (I do not 
know how many parts or fuel canisters).

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