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  Hints and Tips for: Silent Service 2 
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 Silent Service 2 Cheats

Silent Service 2

Hex Cheat:
In the savegame files modifications in the following
off sets are worthwhile themselves: 

128h = Torpedonumber front (0-63h)
12Eh = Torpedonumber behind (0-64h)
5F8h = Rohr 1 front (0-1)
5FAh = Rohr 2 front (0-1)
5FCh = Rohr 3 front (0-1)
600h = Rohr 4 front (0-1)
602h = Rohr 6 front (0-1)
604h = Rohr 1 behind (0-1)
606h = Rohr 2 behind (0-1)
608h = Rohr 3 behind (0-1)
60Ah = Rohr 4 behind (0-1)

When to save:
When the game is reloaded inside of an encounter, your submarine 
will always be on the surface. Saves should be made at the start 
of an encounter if you're out of range of the enemy ships. 
Otherwise reloading might get you killed and ruin your save.

Saving during action:
When a game is saved in the middle of a combat with your sub dived,
the game performs an anti cheating trick. When the game is reloaded
your submarine will be on the surface, likely exposed to enemy fire
and at the very least, revealing your position. Encounters therefore,
must be played from near the start to their end.

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