Sim City 4 - Rush Hour Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Sim City 4 - Rush Hour 
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 Sim City 4 - Rush Hour Cheats

Sim City 4 - Rush Hour

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Grimdoc
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Press [Ctrl] + X during game play to display the console window.
Type one of the following codes then press [Enter].
The console window will close to confirm correct code entry. 
Note: In the patched version of the game, press 
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + X to display the console window.

Result                                   Code 
Toggle the 24 hour clock               - stopwatch  
Set time of the day (military format)  - whatimeizit   
Change city name                       - whererufrom   
Change mayor name                      - hellomynameis   
Unlock all rewards                     - you don't deserve it  
Set magnification level                - sizeof <0-100>  
1,000 more Simoleons in treasury       - weaknesspays  
No power requirement for all buildings - fightthepower 
No water requirement for all buildings - Howdryiam 
Hide empty zone color                  - zoneria  
Toggle cell warnings                   - tastyzots  
Start recorder                         - recorder  
Green tinge on map                     - gol  
Empty Zone colors disappear            - zoneria 
Turn advisors into llamas              - dollyllama  
Display frame rate                     - fps
Display terrain values                 - terrainquery
Stop news bar movement                 - barstuck
More pedestrians run when you look     - watchmemove
Enter at region screen to play remix   - effect

Drive a red Lamborghini Countach: 
As you enter your city make sure you build high residential zones and ensure 
that there is a lot of space for your Sims. Wait about a month or two. Go 
into Sim mode and choose a Sim. As you decide what house you want to move 
him or her into, make sure the wealth is at all 3 §§§ rather than § or §§. 
When in Sim mode, click on the little car out of your three choices. Then, 
click on "My Sim's Car". At the top should be three different selections of 
cars. The § means low wealth, §§ means medium wealth, and §§§ means high 
wealth. Click on the high wealth §§§. On the list, look for a red car 
labeled as "Exotic Red Sports car". 
This is the fastest road car you can drive that a Sim can own, the Lamborghini 

Cars fall into water:
Level land near a bridge and cause the bridge to disappear. 
All the cars will stop and drop into the water with a big splash. 

First car:
When your Sim is going to his or her house when you first make him or her, 
they will ride in a cheap blue sedan. This is the very first car on your 
Sim's car menu. 

The Sims reference: 
When you choose the "Giant Robot Attack" disaster, you will see that other 
than its eye, it is virtually the same as the robot servant from The Sims 

God terraforming tools after city construction:
To have terraforming tools after you found the city, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete]
when in another mode besides God mode. While holding those keys, click on the "God 
mode" button. All of the terraforming tools are now there. You must do this every 
time you want to have all the tools.

Do not build a cemetery. Move in your Sim. When your Sim is at home, go to "Disasters",
then "Lightning". Select "Sim Mode" once. HIT your Sim's house with lightning. When 
hisor her house explodes, look closely. You should see a ghost float up. A few seconds
later a hearse will drive by,even without a cemetery. 

Money from Neighbor Deals:
When you make a city, connect it to at least two cities; one with water or some other 
major resource and another that needs it (water works best). Do not have that resource
in your city or the glitch will not work (for example, water pump, power plant, etc.).
Make the connection to these two cities using your city and go to "Neighbor Deals". 
Under the deals, select the resource to buy, then the other city to sell to. Then, 
cancel the buy, but not the sale. Follow this exactly. Select the pull down menu and
reselect the resource you are selling to the other city. If done correctly, the dollar
amount should significantly increase. You can now reselect the resource to buy. After 
a few months, the game will reset the dollar amount but you can do glitch again. When 
using water, it is possible to get all the way to 1,000,000,000 Simoleons.
Note: If you play the other cities, make sure you check on the Neighbor Deals.
You do not want to bankrupt the cities.

Control one-way roads:
You can actually add traffic lights and stop signs to these blocks. Remarkably the 
cars will follow the rules.

Traffic lights:
This will work for roads. For this to work though, you must install the Network Add-on
mod (NAM). You can then drag out a one-way road and change it into a road with no 
intersection. Keep the one-way road a road for just one square and drag a road to cross
the one way road's single road section. For lights to be facing the correct ways, you 
can use the BAT (Building Architect Tool), the Plug-in Manager, and the Lot Editor to 
create intersections. However, you must also get the SC4 tool. 
Note: These tricks do not prevent cars from turning the wrong way.

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