SimCity Societies - Destinations Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: SimCity Societies - Destinations 
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 SimCity Societies - Destinations Cheats

SimCity Societies - Destinations

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Unlock All Buildings and Reward Buildings:
* Instead of achieving all the buildings in the game by meeting there 
requirements, you can just help your self out and just use a cheat code
to unlock the reward buildings and all the rest of the buildings in the

* To unlock all the buildings in the games not including the reward 
buildings press:
Enter (then a box will appear in the middle of the screen).. 
type in "Eureka" and Press Enter. 

* And then a red box should appear at the top of the screen saying that
all buildings are unlocked. To unlock all the reward buildings in the game
do the same thing you did to unlock all the buildings but enter reward 
into the box and then the red box should appear at the top of the screen
saying that all the reward buildings are unlocked.
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