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  Hints and Tips for: SIMULACRA 
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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by xRina89x

Be aware that this is a spoiler.

-=Abadon All Hope=-
For the end you have to make sure that Taylor does not trust you or you 
betray him. Do not be nice to him.
From the moment you falsify the Spark profile, pick those answers.

-=Matching Chat with Anna=-
You're not Anna…
He fell down
I can't tell
Where are you now?
James' Phone was found by someone else
Nothing is what it seems
Who are you really?
Where is Anna?
Who are you?
You are in the Phone?
I just want to save Anna
What did she do wrong?
Not everything is about online personas
And your point?
Like how you killed James?
Let Anna go!

Then the Video from Taylor come in.

-=Chat with Taylor=-
No! That's not Anna!
Did she say where she was all along?
You are going to be the next victim!
DONT GO YET, give me some time first
Stop your whining
Is that how you've been feeling?
I seriously dount that.

After these answers, Taylor has enough of us and leaves the 
group to save Anna himself.

-=Ending Chat with Anna=-
I couldnt convince him
What do you plan to do with him?
They dont deserve to die

And than you have the Abandon all hope Ending.

-=Save Both (Happy Ending)=-
Here you have to be nice to Taylor and always stand by him. Ashlay has to 
believe until the end you are Anna. Ashley admits that she has feelings for 
us. We tell her we feel the same and she is more than just a good friend. 
Then Ashley sends us her picture what we need then.

Arrived at the Spark App we use Ashley her picture as a profile picture. 
Enter name Ashley. I do not know if the rest does not matter I've entered 
something. For the tags: Animals, Books, movies and a few more. Decisive 
was I think that you take Finding Love. It has +99 matches. 
Now Ashley and Anna have a match.

We start chatting with Anna and see how she recognizes Ashley. The chat 
has the same dialog as Abadon Ending. Until taylor's video.
Take these answers.

-=Taylor Chat=-
No! That´s not Anna!
Did she say where she was all along?
You are going tob e the next victim!
DONT GO YET, give me some time first
I am going to save your life

-=Anna Chat=-
My persuasion skills surpass yours?
They don´t need to die!
I think i can help you
You dont know what the real world is like
Are you the only one out there?
I will prove you wrong
I want an alternative
Can i save both?
All life is precious
Both of them should be saved
This is sick

-=Back to Taylor=-
Is she there?
Even i am still figuring it out
You found her! Go!!
It was a team effort

-=Final Chat with Anna=-
I´m sure there is a catch
I am better than you
Why me? 
What will happen to Ashley?
You underestimate them
A rich life exist both online and off
Will I see you again?

And then you have save both and a Happy Ending.

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