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  Hints and Tips for: Sinistar - Unleashed 
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 Sinistar - Unleashed Cheats

Sinistar - Unleashed

Cheat Codes:
Submoitted by: DJ Simo

During play, press ~ to bring up the the console. 
Now enter the following codes:

Result                 Code
God mode             - cheatnodmg
More crystals        - cheatfreecrystal
AI texts             - cheatsnapshotaitext
AI texts             - cheatcycleaitext
Level select         - level [0-23]
Set sound volume     - soundvol [0-100]
Set music volume     - musicvol [0-100]
Set gamma value      - gammaval [0-100]
Pitch control        - pitch [0-1]
Set force feedback   - forcefeedback [0-100]
Quit game            - quit
Exit console window  - exit

Mapping cheat keys:
Exit Sinistar: Unleashed if you are running the game.

Go to the Sinistar folder on your hard drive and open the "keymap.cfg" file 
with a text editor or word processor such as Notepad. (If you used the 
default installation, open the Program Files and THQ folders to find the 
Sinistar folder.)

To enable the cheats, you need to type in a line or two into the "keymap.cfg"
file for each cheat. Make sure you enter the cheat codes exactly as shown 
below, and make sure each is on a line by itself. When you are done, save the
"keymap.cfg" file and you're ready to play.

Warning: If you press the Reset to Default button on the Key and Button 
Controls Screen, all the cheat keys will be erased from "keymap.cfg"; you can
save the settings if you make a backup copy of "keymap.cfg" before you press 
the button. 

CheatCode                   Result 
bind 'V' CheatNoDmg       - maps the No Damage cheat to the V key 
bind 'R' SwitchTeams      - maps the Switch Teams cheat to the R key 
bind 'G' TriggerEgg       - maps the Sinistar Arrival cheat to the G key. 
bind 'F' KillBoss         - maps the Destroy Sinistar cheat to the F key 
bind 'Y' MissionSucceeded - maps the Win Level cheat to the Y key 
bind F12 Screenshot       - maps the Screen Shot cheat to the F12 key 
                            (Note that the F12 is not placed between 
                            apostrophes like the other key mappings.) 

alias GetCrystals "JBPurchase JB_CRYSTALS; 
bind 'N' GetCrystals       - maps the Free Crystals cheat to the N key 

Cheat summary: Once you've entered the cheat keys into the keymap.cfg file, 
you can use them when playing the game. Press the following keys to enable 
the following cheats:

CheatKey  Result 
V      - immunity from damage for the rest of the level 
R      - change sides so that the enemy will stop attacking you  
         (Pressing R again resumes hostilities, and you cannot          
         change to the enemy side once the Sinistar arrives.) 
G      - causes the Sinistar to arrive at the gate 
F      - destroys the Sinistar 
Y      - "win" the level immediately (cheat may take about 30 seconds to 
         take effect) 
N      - receive free crystals. 
F12    - takes a screen shot of the action

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