Sinjid - Shadow of the Warrior Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Sinjid - Shadow of the Warrior 
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 Sinjid - Shadow of the Warrior Cheats

Sinjid - Shadow of the Warrior

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

700 EXP:
Get into a batlle then right click. Then keep doing it intill you get to the
blood sprirt or shadow reper. Then die. When you get to the defeet thing, 
right click and press back. Repeat intill you hear the victory music. 
Then you get 700 EXP!

Earn skills points:
Submiited by: Klinton

First u go to the guy that is sitting down next to a table, close by the door
that tells u to complete the human gateaway, talk to him and he give u a ring.
Go left until u see the moon click space and u earn a skill point. If u want 
more well save the gave. Click restart on the bottom right corner. Click strat
pick the blue ninjia go to any portal (DO NOT talk to the man until u die with 
the blue ninjia.) Load then talk to the guy again and do the same stuff over 

Get rare items:
Submitted by: Zero

(Make sure u pick the person u want then save.)
You have to pick the Blue ninjia, then go to the human gates. Right Click, then
click forward until your battling the following enemys: shaman, Mountain Naga, 
Semi Demon, Flesh Fiend, or Fallen Guardian. Then die, when you see the word 
Defeated. click load, then go to the training, click easy when your battling a 
training ward. Right click then keep clicking forward until you see the the word
victory. You'll gain 75 exp. and a rare item.

How to get fallen balde/level up/ see every enemy:
Submitted by: hahaaiwin

Go to the human gate. right click forward until you get to the shadow reaper. 
then keep clicking forward till you get to the training wards. then keep clicking 
forward until the screen goes black or it says there are 2 enemys the training ward 
and other thing. then it should say victory and you obtain the fallen blade.

Easy experience:
Submitted by: lonestar

To get alot of experience quickly, go up to the training room then go in and right 
click and forward till you get to the victory screen. Then you will get 75 exp. once 
you've done that, go back 2 times to the screen with the 2 wasps then go forward 2 times. 
keep doing this over and over to gain loads of experience.

Submitted by: RN

Here's a glitch 1st use your main class of sinjin 2nd get the ring from a man then go and 
press space bar on the moon then save then restart the game then press new game press the 
spell caster then fight any thing then die after that when you see the defeated screen press 
the load button then get again the ring and go to the moon again and do it again.

How to get free exp/gold/fallen sword/ fallen shield:
Submitted by: B-nard

The trick is right clicking, and brining up the flash player menu. Every time you click 
"forward" or "play" in this drop down menu, while in a portal, it takes you to the next 
opponent that you would face. Also, if you click it lots and lots of times on "forward" 
in 1 portal, then the screen goes black, click "forward" once more and you will be given 
the "fallen sword". Do the same thing with "play" in a different portal and you will 
receive the "fallen shield" at the end. If you do this in the training portal (pressing 
"forward" only) then you get 75 exp and some gold at the end, reapeat to your desire :)

The final level:
Submitted by: Lolzmonster

Go to the guy that gives you the ring(go upstairs and 1 to the left, go through that 
door and to the left.) Do not talk to him. Right click and click forward. 
Bam you are in the final level.

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