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  Hints and Tips for: Sitting Ducks 
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 Sitting Ducks Cheats

Sitting Ducks

Easy money:
submitted by. conner54

Use the following trick to get ten feathers at a time. When you have reached East
and West Ducktown, go to West Ducktown. Go to the school or swimming pool. Look 
around and you will see some ducks playing with a ball. If you have teeth or an 
alligator mask, put them on so that the other ducks will run away and not take the
ball. The ball will have a blue and white pattern on it. 

If you are at the school, take their ball to the swimming pool; or if you are at 
the swimming pool, take their ball to the school.Once you have both balls, take 
one ball, find the other ball, and push them together. The two balls will turn 
into a new patterned ball. When you score, instead of getting five feathers, you
will now get ten. Beware; if you hit the ball too hard it will separate into two 
balls again. If this happens, just take one to the other and push them together 
again. It is faster to make money if you take the swimming pool ball to the 
school yard, but it will work at the pool also if you prefer to play water polo
over soccer.

You will need either the Teeth or the Gator Mask (recommended, as you will need 
it later in the game). Go to a place that has a ball and a goal. Put on the Teeth
or Gator Mask so that the other ducks will not steal the ball from you, but instead
get scared and run away from you. Constantly get the ball and keep scoring. 
Five Feathers will fly out of the goal each time you score. Keep doing this until 
you get the desired amount of Feathers. To obtain double feathers, go to the western
area and collect the school and pool ball. Kick one ball into the other to form a 
combo ball. Kick this into any goal to get double the amount of feathers from a goal
than what you would normally get. Keep doing this until you get the desired amount 
of feathers. Also, if you have a mask you can wear it so the other ducks do not 
steal your ball.

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