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  Hints and Tips for: SKI Free 
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 SKI Free Cheats

SKI Free

Turbo mode:
Press "F" when starting a new game. 

Jump over dead trees:
Press the Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button at a dead tree to jump
over it and set it on fire. 

Gaining points:
More points can be obtained easily when you have a negative score. Position
the pointer at your character and press the Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse
Button to gain points.

1. Remove the screensaver timer from Windows. In the FREESTYLE, ski down, 
   and HIT the skilift (this reduces your points). Press the UP arrow once
   (making you hit it again, reducing your points even more).Wait, and watch 
   the points whenever the ski lifts go past. You should get a few hundered 
   points ever time the ski lifts go past. Leave your computer, come back in
   an hour or so. Remember to RE-ACTIVATE the windows screensaver when you 
   think you have enough points.

2. When you're playing press f then you go faster. Also when playing the salons
   press [F3], then press "T" this way you can cheat the clock this also can be
   used with the f key pressed then you can escape the monsters (there are 2 of 

Slower game play:
Press S during game play to slow down. Hold [Shift] + Y for even more slow down.

Mountain monster:
Start a new game and press [Up] instead of going downhill. A monster will appear
when the distance indicator reaches -122. 

Approach one of the brown mud spots. Place your skier in a way that the skies 
are horizontally oriented while lined up under the mud. Press [Keypad 8] to go
up the slope and hit the mud, which will then break into a mushroom. 

Yellow snow:
Hit the dog one to five times to make the dog turn the snow yellow.

* Move the pointer to the top of the screen as your skier hits a jump to 
  perform a spread eagle move. 
* Double click the Left Mouse Button to perform a flip. 
* Place the pointer below and to the right of your skier when hitting a 
  jump and click the Left Mouse Button. If done correctly, he will pull 
  his skis up and grab them.

More style points:
Begin game play on the "Free Style" course. Keep clicking the Right Mouse Button
and press [Up] to increase the style points.

Hint: Bonus points:
* Locate the ski lift on the downhill slop. Stop underneath the lift to collect
  bonus points. 

* Hit the little dog that runs across the slope past the free style flag. 3 
  points will be awarded regardless if the score is positive or negative.

Hint: Easy points:
Find a small, single mogul, get in front of it with your skis horizontal to the
screen, then hold [Up]. If done correctly, you will keep running into the mogul
and gain points.

Ski Free
F - Fast mode 
S - Slow down (Hold [Shift]+Y 
    for even more slow down)

Mud Mushrooms:
Start skiing and get near a brown mud block. Use the keyboard to straighten your
skis horizontally while lined up under the block. Press 8 on the key pad to scoot
up the slope, and hit the mud. When you hit the mud block, it will break into a 

Points Galore:
To get a lot of points while you are skiing use the mouse, and click the button
a lot. If you do it correctly you should get up,and fall down a whole bunch of 
times (through the whole thing) you should score over 1000 points.

Escape from the Yeti:
If you always thought the Yeti is inescapable, just press F. You'll ski faster
than the Yeti can run, but he still can catch you if you crash into any obstacle.

Moving Trees:
Submitted by: Mack

Tilt your skis horizontally so you don't move, take a look at the small alive
trees, every two or three trees you'll see one use its stump as legs and shuffle

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