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  Hints and Tips for: Skyworld 
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 Skyworld Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks:
* Keep an eye on the amount of workers. A dwindling amount of workers 
  is the first sign of an economy going down.
* Don’t forget to unlock your second general. A second general is vital 
  if you want to attack on two fronts, or want to defend two generals 
  coming from two sides.
* Expanding your kingdom is very important, but if you still have free 
  building spots in your regions, it may be wiser to fill those up first. 
  Unless you’re racing for a specific production spot bonus.
* Always try to position a general next to a building. This protects it 
  from enemy attacks and gives it a bonus.
* Don’t try to unlock every unit, know which units you want to go for. 
  (Of course, experiment against AI to see what works and what doesn’t)
* A fully upgraded "cheap” card can be more lethal than a powerful unit 
  that has not been upgraded.
* If your deck gets beaten during battle, try to change the cards. 
  Perhaps you are lacking a certain type of unit.
* Most cards can be countered by other, sometimes way cheaper, units. 
  You win by being more efficient with your mana.
* Take over turrets. As they do constant damage they are a good way to 
  take out towers and create a free passage to the base.
* Check to see what your opponent is building in the overworld, the 
  types of buildings can give an indication of what he or she is focusing
  on (cards or defenses).
* Sometimes moving away from a fight can be a good idea. You can move 
  faster through your own terrain. Attacking a general when you know the 
  other has a more powerful deck is pointless, buy yourself a little more 
  time to strengthen or change your own deck.
* And lastly, the big one… Know where the strengths and weaknesses of 
  your cards lie. A well timed, fully upgraded, unit can make the 
  difference between a match lost or won.

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