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  Hints and Tips for: Slay the Spire 
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 Slay the Spire Cheats

Slay the Spire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Save-Scum (Manually Saving):
Written by Tjuhl

-=To save your current progress=-
* Start playing Slay the Spire.
* Go to your \Steam\steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire\saves folder. 
* Copy the IRONCLAD.autosave (or SILENT.autosave or ???.autosave) file 
  to a folder location of your choice.

-=To load your saved progress=-
* Quit Slay the Spire.
* Go to the folder location where you copied the IRONCLAD.autosave file to.
* Copy the IRONCLAD.autosave (or SILENT.autosave or ???.autosave) file  to 
  your \Steam\steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire\saves folder.
* Restart Slay the Spire and click on "continue".
* Enjoy it!

How to unlock cards & relics faster:
To unlock cards and relics faster…

* Play a game of Slay the Spire as far as possible 
  (ideally up to the last campfire before the last boss on dungeon level 3)
* Save-scum-save the game (see section above)
* Fight against (ideally: defeat) 
  the final boss –> you’ll receive experience
* Save-scum-load the game –> you’ll receive experience AGAIN save-scum-YAY!

You don't have to pick up loot: 
After you've defeated an enemy you are rewarded with loot. This can include gold, 
relics, cards and potions. Do not feel like you have to pick everything up. The 
most important things is to skip cards. Most successful runs are because you have 
a solid and consistent deck. When you get to pick between 3 cards and you feel 
that none of them fit your deck, then don't pick them. You'd rather want a small 
deck with good cards that synergize with each other, rather than having a big 
deck with amazing cards that doesn't synergizes. And also, the smaller the deck, 
the more consistency in each turn of combat.

You can buy relics at the merchant:
This one may be pretty obvious for some people, but it may be easy to miss. 
Each merchant sells a couple of relics (most of them are pretty expensive), 
but it may boost your run insanely much, so be on a lookout.

Silent Guide: Grand Finale:
Written by Dynamod123

A quick guide on how to make the most underrated card in the game work for you.

So, You Got a Grand Finale Card Early on in Your Run?

If you're new to Slay the Spire, you may have taken a look at the 50 damage that Grand
Finale can do and thought, "Wow! I'll be winning fights no problem!", but you add 
the card to your deck and find that you never can seem to play it. You'd probably 
conclude after that (likely failed) run that Grand Finale is a garbage card, and never 
pick it again.

What if I told you that all it takes to get Grand Finale off every deck shuffle was 
just two cards?

That's right. All you need to be blasting 50+ damage every couple rounds is one (1) 
upgraded "Well-Laid Plans" and one (1) "Expertise".

Once you have assembled the holy trinity, all you have to do is play Well-Laid Plans 
when you draw it, then pocket your Expertise and Grand Finale card when you have 4 or 
less cards in your deck.

The theory behind this strategy is, every turn you will draw 5 cards (barring 
addittional card draw effects, which you should account for). if you notice you have 
5 cards left in your deck, then great. don't play Expertise, and just retain Grand 
Finale. Next turn you will be able to play it no problem. 

If, however, you have 1-4 cards remaining, count out how many cards you have in your 
hand excluding Expertise. you want your other cards in hand and cards remaining in 
your deck to add up to the number of cards Expertise will put into your hand.

For example; if you have 2 cards remaining in your deck and 7 cards in your hand, 
you want to have 4 cards total in your hand when you play Expertise 
(2 in deck +4 in hand -1 = 5).

As long as you have enough mana to dump the unecessary cards to put Expertise into
range, you'll be able to play Grand Finale every time, tearing up every group 
encounter like it was nothing!

Helpful Cards not Related to the Holy Trinity

Backflip: Probably the best common card in Silent's arsenal, You should pretty much 
always be picking this card when it shows up, Grand Finale deck or not. Protects you 
from damage and help cycles your deck, allowing you to play Grand Finale more often. 

Cloak and Dagger: Provides solid defense and also allows you to deal some chip damage. 
This becomes the best common if you have the Pen Nib relic... 
120 damage Grand Finale's are nothing to sneeze at. 

Dodge and Roll: A pretty basic block card... lets you double dip on dexterity, so 
obviously very good if you have Footwork. 

Deflect: Noticing a pattern? basically all the block cards are good for you. Deflect 
is especially so, since it costs nothing, allowing you to play Expertise more easily. 

Footwork: Makes you much more likely to survive between turns when you're setting up 
to do your Grand Finale. The more dexterity you can gain, the better. 

Escape Plan: This is basically Backflip on crack. You'll be hard pressed to find better 
cards than this one once you have the Holy Trinity set up. 

Leg Sweep: Expensive, but the combo of weak + block can't be denied. 

Blur: Allows you to double dip on your block if the enemy is doing something other 
than attacking. 

Setup: Situational, since Expertise can set up Grand Finale Perfectly fine on it's own, 
but if you have lots of high-costed maneuvers, this can make those cards cost 0 during 
your Grand Finale turns so they don't clog up your hand. 

After Image: This sort of works like Footwork, and you should treat it as such. It's 
less powerful, but more reliable. you can pretty much never go wrong picking this card. 

Adrenaline: Helps to set up your powers so you can get the gravy train rolling. 
Not much to say here, it's basically the best card in the game. 

Phantasmal Killer: If you manage to get more than one Well-Laid-Plans, this can be a 
great card to play in preperation of your Grand Finale turn. basically doubles your 
damage output. 

Nightmare: This is Phantasmal Killer's beefier, more expensive cousin. Unless you have 
Icecream and are having a godly run, don't get both at the same time! 

-=Closing Notes=-
As fun and different as this deck is to play in comparison to normal poison builds, 
I wouldn't reccomend it if you're planning on fighting the heart. 60-120 damage every 3 
or so turns just isn't enough damage output to deal with how fast the heart scales in 
the later rounds. However, if you're interested in doing ascension runs and are wanting 
to vary it up, consider Grand Finale.

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