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  Hints and Tips for: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 
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 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Cheats

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hidden items:
There are a few types of hidden items in the game; locked chests with money, 
praying totems, and your former martial arts teachers statues. 

-= Locked chests=-
There is an easy way to find a majority of the locked money chests, because
they will most likely have people you have to beat up to get to them and they
appear as red on your map. These chests, like the other hidden items, brightly
glow if you have not gotten to them yet. All of them are outside. 

-=Praying totems=-
All of these will be outside somewhere in different "noticeable" places. A 
few examples are parks/gardens, near shops you can walk into, alleys, special
kinds of buildings, etc. If you see one of these, use it by any means necessary
because it increases your life span. 

All of these will be inside a location, and a majority of them will coincide 
with different missions you have. For example, you will have a mission to 
investigate hospital files and you will have to go into the hospital; one of
the statues is at the primary desk. 

Face value:
You are seen as an icon in Hong Kong. Because of that, people will ask you 
for different favors. These are shown as yellow blips on your map. Increase 
your face value as much as possible by answering their requests; this will 
make things easier for you later. For example, people you have to beat up 
will be naturally more scared of you.

Fear factor:
As you do certain things throughout the game, you establish your fear 
factor. Basically, this is how characters in the game interpret your 
presence; if they are afraid or not. The more brutal you are, the higher
your fear factor. When beating people up, use objects and your surroundings;
the more brutal, the better. Use weapons, vehicles to run them over, etc., 
to make them fear you. 

Sleep and get massaged regularly:
Get plenty of sleep and regular massages. Massage parlors can be found on
the map by looking for the symbol featuring two hands. Aside from eating,
these are the easiest methods of health rejuvenation available.

Easy money:
Jackie will eventually tell you that you can make some easy money by 
hijacking money trucks. These trucks are randomly generated everywhere.
You can pinpoint them by the orange icon that is above them. These trucks
are rolling tanks; bullets and vehicle rams will not affect them much. 
After you hijack a truck, use it to ram the cops. This will save you 
time from having trying to outrun them. 

Easy drug busts:
When you find yourself fighting an overwhelming number of enemies during 
a drug bust, find a car beforehand and run them all over. This is easier 
and safer than fighting them all hand-to-hand.

Easy "Karaoke Superstar" achievement or trophy:
Karaoke songs are unlocked as you progress and finish the dates by calling
the girls on your phone. The last long is unlocked after completing the 
"Real Men Do Not Karaoke" favor mission in the K-bar (central city) for a
man named "Jack". Scoring 90% in the songs is easy if you concentrate. 

Easy "A Slap in the Face" achievement:
This can be accomplished at the beginning of the game, when you receive the 
"Bambam Club" mission. Once there, you will fight some punks. Grab one of them
and smash him into one of the aquariums in the walls. The water will start 
gushing and a fish will appear. Pick up the fish from the ground and kill 
someone with it. To ensure that you succeed, aim for a target, hit him a few
times with normal attacks to weaken him, then use the fish to finish him off.
The killing blow must e with the fish. If this is not done, the fish may be 
destroyed before you have a chance to kill someone with it. 

Easy "Ultimate Fighter" achievement:
Open the "Social" hub, then scroll through the mission list and choose the 
one where you scored the lowest. Try to get a better score. Wear the 15% bonus
experience for triad outfit to boost your progress. You can score large amounts
of triad points if you chain headshots, pop tires, etc.

Easy "Infowlable" achievement or trophy:
Save the game, then bet at least 50,000 on any cockfight and win. If you lose, 
reload the game and try again. The best place to try this is Kennedy Town, as 
it features a minimum bet of 50,000 and is the fastest cockfighting arena to 
reach from your apartmenent.

Ong Bak costume:
Challenge and defeat opponents in all the martial arts clubs to unlock the Ong 
Bak costume in your closet. 

Easy kills:
Intentionally die. You will respawn in a hospital, near its entrance. Go outside 
and find a cop. Wrestle with him and steal his gun, then run back inside the building.
Hide behind the file cabinet near the entrance. Cops will enter one at a time looking 
for you. Shoot them and collect their ammunition. Continue doing this to easily earn 
the Killstreak and Rogue Cop rewards.

Green and blue jacket:
Successfully complete the game.

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