Sleep Walker Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Sleep Walker 
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 Sleep Walker Cheats

Sleep Walker

Cheat Codes:
Enter "ding a dining dang my dang a longing long" or "dingadingdangmydangalonglinglong" 
while at the title screen to enable cheat mode. The boy's face and dog's nose will turn 
green to confirm correct code  entry. Enter one of the following codes below during game
play to activate the cheat function.

Function                      Code
Level skip                  - Enter 
Nine lives and full energy  - Tab

Lee hologram:
Go to the sewers. Drown Lee twice. Drown Lee again, but do not be onscreen while he drowns.
Go back and a dead lee should be on the bottom of the sewer water.

Finding COMIC letters:
Search the indicated locations.

C: Above the shop canopy, to the left of the night club.
O: Past the bouncer.
M: Past the sewer water to the left.
I: Up and to the left past the telegraph wire above the car.
C: Along the top right of the map.

Programmer message:
Collect the beard near the first "C". Go to the sewer exit near the traffic lights, and 
hit the four arrows. Go through the sewer to the right to see a secret massage.
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