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  Hints and Tips for: Slime Rancher 
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 Slime Rancher Cheats

Slime Rancher

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

#1.GOLD SLIMES cannot be captured. This is intended. You can throw a single, or 
if you are lucky multiple fruits at them which immediatly cause them to uhm... 
gift you with their "plort" then blast off into space or in most cases a wall 
to inevitably..."poof". Again, this is intended by design because being able to 
farm these lil guys would completely ruin the farm aspect. Their spawns / times 
are completely RNG.

#2.Be weary of accidentally creating a "Tar" Monster! A Tar is created when a 
"Largo" or a large slime which is an amalgam of two different slimes, eats a 
"plort" not created by the innate amalgam slimes. IE if you have a pink/kitty 
largo, they make kitty/pink plorts. If they accidentally eat any other type of
plort, they will morph into a Tar beast who can and will quickly consume 
everything around it, multiply and ruin a perfectly running farm if you are 
not quick about dealing with them, which leads too...

#3.If you immerse either by soaking with water from your cannon(which you can 
suck up from any source of water) or simply by tossing into the ocean, any tar 
beast, they will die. Water is the bane of tar. YEAH SCIENCE!

#4.Early on in the game you have access to mostly pink and blue slimes. At 
night Phosphorous...Phosforus....Glowey! Slimes appear! They produce some very 
lucrative plorts BUT! They require a special corral to house them with the 
upgraded Screen walls because when the light hits them, they poof. HOWEVER if 
you...uhm...things!...with another type of plort, they lose their poof! When 
in sunlight. This may be a bug however, but its something to bear in mind if 
you do not have the money to make proper screened walls.

#5.Make a coop early on and get two Roosters with a mix of hens. You will need 
the meat to feed certain slimes if you do not intend to fill your ranch with 
largo hybrids. Also you will need the meat to feed to a kitty largo that is 
covering up a fast travel telepad.

#6.Largos are amazing! They produce two kinds of plorts per food consumed and 
with the right mixes can make you very rich very quick. HOWEVER they will also 
fight over food, get in the way of each other eating food, which can lead to 
some starvation issues @.@ and you can safely with no issues only keep 3-4 per 

#7.Air roofs are also amazing! Build them, and high walls. If a Tar somehow 
does form or worse, finds your ranch, the roofs and high walls will either 
keep them caged until you can deal with them, or keep them OUT of your pens
so they do not eat your slimes.

#8.We have all done it, tried to swim in the ocean or tried to use our 
jetpacks to reach that out of reach island, and well, you wake up back at 
the ranch. When you do happen to uhm...get knocked out! You will lose all 
the items you had in your cannon. /sadtrombone

1.Honey + explodey = I have too much money to spend now. If you find them, yay!
Welcome to the end of the fun. They make so much money the game got really 
boring, really quickly. To the point I actually wanted to simply...get rid of 
them =( But they are so friggen adorable!

2.Use the grassey extention to the ranch for breeding chickens and growing 
food! Instead of having to monitor random slimes in the new area, i just 
tossed all my chickens, roosters, and carrot patches in that area so I didnt 
have to keep food plots in the main ranch area. Upgrading the gardens maxes 
out the food I need for the auto feeders every 2 cycles. Very nice.

3.When you buy the cave, dont OVERFILL it with fosphor...phos...glowey slimes! 
I know, they are second in kawaii-ness to the kitty, but if you also put in 
fruit trees, which is recommended instead of building corrals, they will produce
so many plorts, your game stability will suffer whenever you try to go back in 
there. Keep the number modest. And dear god dont put largos in there. YOU HAVE 
BEEN WARNED. They will eventually ride up the walls, and get stuck unable to be

4.Explore! The jetpack is amazing, even if it has a height throttle on it. 
Learning to float about for massivly long distances feels great once you get 
the hang of it, making traveling from area to area way less dangerous, if you
ave alot of rock/X largos rolling about, or if you have alot of angry slimes,
which can happen randomly once they run out of food to eat, my own observation
however, not sure why exactly some largos just spawn in off.

Tarr-Pocalypse Guide:
Written by Tabby With A Paintbrush.

A guide on what to do if the Tarr-Pocalypse has started on your ranch.

-=The Safe Zone=-
Look when the Tarrpocalypse starts on your ranch there is at least gonna be 1 
area where you can hide. If you don't think you can handle the mess outside that 
area then hide in the "Safe Zone". Defend that area and wait it out. This is a 
method that I think you shouldn't use often and only as a last resort since you 
will most likely loose slimes and items if you decide to wait it out.

-=Preparing Yourself Before Hand=-
If you think your gonna have a Tarrpocalypse ( or your a heartless being who 
wants to start one for the fun of it ) you can prepare before it happens. The 
most effective method is to have the water tank upgrade for your vacpack. If 
your that far into the game, use hydro turrents from The Lab. Hydro turrents 
are my personal favorite since they can take out the Tarr before a Tarrpocalypse 

-=Right In The Action=-
If a Tarrpocalypse starts out of no where then try to handle it using hydro 
turrents and your vacpack. Rescue as many slimes/largos as possible as that 
Tarrs only multiply when they eat them. Also you don't want evil rainbows eating 
your cute and cuddly slimes do you? Anyways if you have none of those things use 
The Safe Zone method from earlier. 
This is the only time where I suggest you use it.

-=How To Make It Fun=-
If you think a Tarrpocalypse can't be fun then I suggest you listein if you wish 
to make it like that. 

-=King/Queen of this ranch=- 
This minigame is simple. Get a bunch of slimes and largos and defend them from 
waves of tarrs kinda like a FPS or zombie survival game. 
FPS Fun Time: If you like FPS then your going to have fun just dealing with Tarr 
in the first place. 
SlimeCraft (Starcraft but in Slime Rancher): I suggest for this one go to a area 
with a bunch of slime science gadget spots. This is like the first minigame but 
with the fact that you have to only use gadgets 
No water can be involved! 
Contanment Breach: See how long you can hold tarrs in a corral before they break 
out. I suggest you have no slimes around to make sure it isn't just motivated 
by a tastey slime snack.

How to Farm Quantum Slimes:
Written by Depresso

People think quantum slimes are incredibly difficult or impossible to farm. This 
is simply untrue. I will show you how to farm quantum slimes if you don't already 
know how.

-=What You Will Need=-
For this process, you will need:

* Quantum slimes, I've found that any amount under 50 works fine, but you can 
  try more than that.
* 1-3 Gardens of any fruit, phase lemons work best.
* A fully upgraded corral, can be with or without solar shield.
* (Optional) Drone and advanced drone.
* A refinery/ market link if you need it.

-=What to Do Next=-
* First, upgrade all of your gardens and place the phase lemons into the fruit 
  slot place.
* Then, place your slimes in the corral and make sure they are hand fed before 
  you proceed, as they may be able to escape if hungry.
* Next, place phase lemons into the auto-feeder, and place the feeder at medium- 
  high feed speed. (if medium, the slimes have a risk of escaping).
* Then, collect your plorts and keep up putting food into the feeder and make 
  sure you keep a close eye on them.
* Bonus; if you have a drone or two, you can set the drone's objective as follows.
* Item; fruits, Source; gardens, Destination; corrals (make sure the destination 
  is corrals and not auto feeder; while this works, the drones may not be on the 
  right schedule and the slimes may be able to escape).
* And then set a drone to take the plorts from the collector to your destination.

-=Why Would I Need This?=-
You can get extreme amounts of quantum plorts for the refinery, or make a lot of 
money with this method, especially with more slimes. With these plorts you can 
make, drones, decorations from the ancient ruins, and everything in between!

How to Get Crystal Plorts (before Discovering Crystal Slimes):
Written by Penpenguin4

Too stuck at your ranch caring for slimes or lack of interest trying to look for 
crystal slimes aimlessly? This guide will show you of to take advantage of ranger
exchange quest to skip discovering crystal slimes.

-=Range Exchange Quest=-
I shouldn't really need to cover the basics of this feature as all i can sum it up 
to is little side quest for a mild reward. However what we're looking for here is 
quests that award you crystal plorts. Complete that quest and hold onto the plorts 
for now.

-=In the Ranch=-
Now what to do next is you take your slime which you have the most of alongside of 
it's favorite food (for me phosphor slimes and cuberries) and take those plorts and 
feed them to that slime for a largo of crystal slimes + the slime of your choice. 
Since the range exchange usually awards you little plorts and is time consuming, 
take all the crystal plorts you have, because one is good enough. Take that slime's 
choice's favorite food and feed it to get twice the amount of crystal slime and get 
another one of that slime you chose and get them to be crystal largo.

Enjoy fabricating gadgets and getting extra profit sooner than you're supposed to.

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