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  Hints and Tips for: Snapshot Adventures 
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 Snapshot Adventures Cheats

Snapshot Adventures

Submitted by: David K

Patience is a Virtue:
Birds in flight are more impressive than birds sitting on the ground, so be patient and
take photos you know will be keepers.

A Bird in the Hand:
The more dynamic your shot, the more points you'll receive. Try to get two birds in the 
frame at once!

Tips and Tricks:
1.You will be given an assigment.
2.Tools will be introduced. Later in the game play you will have to choose between 
  camera with flash and without flash (for night time)
3.After you complete your main assignment, there will actually be a succession of other
  assignments for your to get points for as long as the overall timer of the current a
  ssignment is still not finished yet. This would also depend on the number of shots left.
  Even if you can not manage all those mini-assignments within time, it is ok since you 
  have completed your main assignment. Which is why it is very important to use the coffee,
  seeds and stopwatch sparingly because the main assignment once completed does not mean 
  the game for that stage is completed.
4.You will then have to choose which picture to keep (in your journal where you should 
  actually take a picture of a species in stationary motion and in flight) and which to
  discard. A good tip. The one that is chosen as the cover of a magazine is the one for
  keeps even if you personally do not like it, since this is where you will collect 
  points for your good taste in choosing which to keep. If you do happens to take a 
  picture of the same species in the last assignment, you will also have to choose 
  whether to keep or discard it if you have captured the same species in the current
5.You can click on each photo as each is a thumbnail to a bigger sized picture. You 
  can also check out your choices in your journal.
6.You can actually create your feather friends using the pre-sets. Similar to The Sims, 
  but lower tech involved. You can even upload and download the birds although I have 
  not tried this yet.

How to get a 3 star & above picture:
The get a 3 star and above picture, your subject (the bird) must be in the centre of
your camera frame and close enough to see the features. A great one would involve some
activity on the part of the bird, the best example is flying. If you're capturing a 
bird in flying motion, the best angle is the side of the bird, tilted and with the 
wing span clearly seen. This would involve a zoom lense, a cup of coffee and also the
pocket watch which slows down the time. In fact that kind of picture will get you 4 
stars and above.

How to capture a bird in a stationary position:
To get a picture of a bird in stationary position and yet good enough for 3 star 
and above, the best possible way which would not waste your coffee or the stop 
watch or the allocated number of shots allowed would be to use the seeds. Get 
ready with your zoom lense, zoom it first to desired proximity, feed the seeds 
to the bird you wish to photograph and immediately take the picture with the bird
in the centre of your frame. The time frame between the feeding and the capture of 
that frame is no more than 5 seconds so you must make sure everything is in order 
and ready before feeding the bird. A close proximity of such a shot with the bird's 
head tilting by the side and its side facing the camera would get you a 3 star and 
above. A full frontal face shot of the bird I realise is not very effective for 
points, it's the slightly by the side shot that is the best. Don't worry about 
the symbol on top of the bird which indicates it is feeding. You can just snap 
the picture since that indication is merely telling you the bird is feeding.

Best item combo in the game without perching, etc missions
beginner- identifer, stopwatch, coffee, cam silence, 4x zoom
advanced- stopwatch,cam silencer, 4x zoom, flash.

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