Snooker 147 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Snooker 147 
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 Snooker 147 Cheats

Snooker 147

Submitted by-Asif Ibn Rahman

While player 2 hits the white ball,press alt+F4 before the white 
ball hits any other ball.The white ball will stop then.This will 
make player 2 makefoul(s) again and again due to the continution.

submitted by-Abdur Rahman Babu

When the game is at the end and you have less points then player 2 
and when only one ball is left,(that is the black one) always try 
to play such that the player 2 makes fouls.Fouls of player 2 will 
let you to increase your points and finally this will let you to 
win the game.

Submitted by: M.Faizan

when the computer playing very good so you can stop his shot by:
when computer playing shot before touching any ball you press 
ctrl+z the ball is stop and his foul.

Submitted by: Naumankhan

IF u want to beat the other opponent when the game is started and 
the computer player is doing is turn simply start pressing the cancel
icon and the ball will stuck in the middle without hitting any other 

Make opponent miss:
Press [Alt] + [F4] during the CPU's turn to make it foul or miss.

Stop cue ball as desired:
Click the "Close" icon during your turn to stop the cue ball's motion.

Submitted by: Stalin

Before hit the ball you press "Alt+F4" or "Ctrl+z"

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