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 So Many Me Cheats

So Many Me

Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements
and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds 
to [So Many Me]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for
your username's achievements.

Achievement                       How to unlock
1UP                             - In the Chono Castle, Stomp on enemies' head 10 times, without 
                                  falling down to the ground or creating stone block.
Becomes a Millionaire           - Confront all possible questions in Chrono Castle X and choose 
                                  all correct answers.
Bomber ME                       - Kill 10 Cloud-9 soldiers while both 9th Rifle and Helmet are turned on.
CHUGGA.. CHUGGA                 - Meet Woodword.
Cosplay Champion                - Acquire 42 costumes.
Dream.Build.Play                - Dream.Build.Play.
Fashion Maniac                  - Have 8 ME in 8 different appearances at the same time.
Fat Dragon Can Fly              - Finish any level while riding a Jellosaur.
Flying Assassin                 - Have a ninja hanging upside down on a blue fist.
Gone Viral                      - Score 50 or more in Chrono Castle XV.
Home Run                        - Score 550 or more in Chrono Castle XIII.
Impossible                      - Reach 100% completion.
In the Fire                     - Unlock both gates at Volcano's entrance.
Jellosaur                       - Use the Gene Splicer to create Jellosaur.
Kill a Bird with So Many Stones - Defeat a Duffon.
Last Stand                      - Score 80 or more in Chrono Castle XIV.
Lumos                           - Turn on every light in Chrono Castle.
My Green Knight                 - Rescue a girl.
One Giant Leap for MEkind       - Walk around the moon.
Platformer Veteran              - Collect every coin in Chrono Castle.
Power of the Ancients           - Craft 10 artifacts.
Real Game Begins                - Enter Chrono Castle.
Save the World                  - Finish the game.
Spectrum                        - Have 3 different Transmuter Fruits on 3 ME at the same time.
Spider Sense                    - Finish Chrono Castle XI with both coin bubbles collected.
The One                         - Finish Chrono Castle XII without turning on Etherizer.
Unity                           - Acquire every ME.
Vengeance                       - Defeat the rival.
Yes, I'm ME too!                - Acquire the first ME.
You Let Us Down                 - Fail your friends.


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