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  Hints and Tips for: Soccer Manager 2018 
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 Soccer Manager 2018 Cheats

Soccer Manager 2018

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy Start:
Written by Zyrex

This guide is made after playing the game and discovering some tricks in the 
game and top rated players that are ready to transfer to your team without 
paying more than their actual price in n easy going and quick transfer!

-=How Does It Work?=-
To start, get any team you wish with olayers that you can sell and get better 
players with the money you make! Sell all your youth in reserve team that you 
feel that you will not need, and at last check the list below for the players 
that you will be able to purchase with the value of theiir actual price tag!

P.S.: Try to buy as much players as you can at the same time, ofcourse if you 
can afford it! Or you will have to wait to sell all the players that you don't 
need to get more money to get the players you want!

-=Players Available for Transfer=-
The trick is that i scanned all teams or 90% of the important teams with the 
important roasters to jump to this coonclusion and get my own perfect squad!

These players are the top players in the game but their teams have put them 
on reserve or don't need them! Here we go.

* Sane (Mancity) 
* Morata (Chelsea) 
* L.Suares (Barcelona) 
* A.Pato (China) 

* Iniesta (Barcelona) 
* Coutinho (Barcelona) 
* Oscar (China) 
* De Bruyne (Man City) 
* Sterling (Man City) 
* S.Niguez (Atletico) 
* Mkhitaryan (Arsenal) 

* Varane (Real Madrid) 
* Laporte (Man City) 
* Savic (Atletico) 
* Benatia (Juventus) 

* Karuis (Liverpool) 

This is the only good keeper available for now! 
You need to get more money and pay double and more to get another good keeper!

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