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 Soldier Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: long john

Hex Cheats: 
The "SGAMES.DAT" file in the game directory holds the saved
games info. There may be info for multiple saved games in 
this file, but this cheat document will only talk about the
first one. 

Position 13 (Hex 0d) is the level number. Valid values 
are Hex 00 thru 0e. Hex 0f does show a "Debug" level, 
but it doesn't seem to work. 
Position 21 (Hex 15) is the Primary Weapon. 
Position 25 (Hex 19) is the power of the Primary Weapon. 
Position 29 (Hex 1d) is the Secondary Weapon. 
Position 33 (Hex 21) is the power of the Secondary Weapon. 

Note 1: In the game, the primary weapon always needs 
        a "recharge" period after being fired. If the 
        secondary weapon is given a hex value normally 
        used for the primary weapon (hex 00 thru hex 03), 
        it will have continuous fire. 
Note 2: If you want to keep whatever weapons combination 
        you set up here, do *not* pick up any weapon powerups 
        in the game! 

The following tables list the valid combinations of weapon and 
power entries and descriptions of the resulting weapons. 

Table 1: Valid for Primary and/or Secondary Weapon 

Weapon, Power Weapon Description
00, 00 Machine Gun
00, 01 Max Machine Gun
00, 02 Super Machine Gun
00, 03 Ring Machine Gun
00, 04 Multiple Ring Machine Gun
00, 05 Yellow Beams
01, 00 1-shot Shotgun
01, 01 2-shot Shotgun
01, 02 3-shot Shotgun
01, 03 2-shot Super Shotgun
01, 04 4-shot Super Shotgun
02, 00 Blue Beams
02, 01 Stronger Blue Beams
02, 02 Rapid-fire Blue Beams
02, 03 Continuous Blue Beam
02, 04 Rapid-fire Super Beams
03, 00 Flamethrower
03, 01 Flame Gun
03, 02 Super Flamethrower
03, 03 Super Flame Gun
03, 04 Crawling Flamethrower 

Table 2: Valid for Secondary Weapon Only 

Weapon, Power Weapon Description
05, 00 Yellow-beam Mortar(2 shots)
05, 01 Rolling Mortar(2 shots)
05, 02 Bouncing Mortars(2 shots)
05, 03 Flying Mortars(1 shot)
05, 04 Homing Mortars(1 shot)
05, 05 Bouncing Flame Mortar(3 shots)
07, 00 Rifle(Continuous)
07, 01 4-shot Rifle(Continuous)
07, 02 7-shot Rifle(Continuous)
07, 03 Ring Rifle(Continuous)
07, 04 Multiple Rings Rifle(Continuous)
08, 00 1-shot Shotgun(Continuous)
08, 01 2-shot Shotgun(Continuous)
08, 02 3-shot Shotgun(Continuous)
08, 03 2-shot Super Shotgun(Continuous)
09, 00 Blue Beams(Continuous)
09, 01 Stronger Blue Beams(Continuous)
09, 02 Rapid-fire Blue Beams(Continuous)
09, 03 Continuous Blue Beam(Continuous)
0a, 00 Flamethrower(Continuous)
0a, 01 Flame Gun(Continuous)
0a, 02 Super Flamethrower(Continuous)
0a, 03 Super Flame Gun(Continuous)
0a, 04 Crawling Green Flame Gun(Continuous)
0a, 05 Green Flamethrower(Continuous)
0b, 00 Mortar(Continuous)
0b, 01 Rolling Mortar(Continuous)
0b, 02 Bouncing Mortars(Continuous)
0b, 03 Homing Mortars(Continuous)
0b, 04 Homing Mortars(Continuous)

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