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  Hints and Tips for: SOL - Exodus 
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 SOL - Exodus Cheats

SOL - Exodus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Command Cheats:
All of these entered during game-play unless otherwise specified. To open console,
use the tilde key (~). These may affect the game in other ways. Tested on v 1.11.4831. 

Effect                        Code
500 Missiles                - set sol_ship_hades isecondaryammo 500
Day 4: Neptune Atlas health - set sol_ship_atlas health 999999
Higher Max Speed            - set sol_ship_hades rbasemaxspeed 4000
Instant Missile Lockon      - set sol_ship_hades rsecondarylockonthresh 0.01f
Lots more health            - set Sol_ship_hades health 20000
Low/no Mag Cannon Cooldown  - set sol_ship_hades rmagblaststrinc 1.0f
No Afterburner depletion    - set sol_ship_hades raboverheatincrement 0.0f
No Cannon Cooldown          - set sol_ship_hades roverheatincrement 0.0f
Pause game from Console     - pause
Unverified: 20 upgrades (*) - set gfxsolpostGame iavailableupgrades 20

(*) Done before mission end or at upgrade screen.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement             Description
Bucket Blaster        - You destroyed 10 ADP's.
Bucket Blaster Elite  - You destroyed 20 ADP's.
Combat Accuracy Medal - You completed a mission with 45% or higher accuracy.
Combat Valor Medal    - You completed a mission without docking or ejecting
                        from your fighter.
Cyberinsurgent        - You hacked an enemy capital ship.
Cyberinsurgent Elite  - You hacked 15 enemy capital ships.
Defender              - You protected a transport vessel.
Defender Elite        - You protected 25 transport vessels.
Demolitionist         - You destroyed an enemy capital ship.
Demolitionist Elite   - You destroyed 10 enemy capital ships.
Gunner                - You downed 20 COD fighters.
Gunner Elite          - You downed 250 COD fighters.
Plutonian Hero Award  - You performed a heroic action during the Pluto mission.
Saturnian Hero Award  - You performed a heroic action during the Saturn mission.
Sniper                - You took out an enemy missile.
Sniper Elite          - You took out 50 enemy missiles.
Titanic Hero Award    - You performed a heroic action during the Titan mission.
Titanic Service Award - You served at a Veteran's level during the Titan mission.
Tritonian Hero Award  - You performed a heroic action during the Triton mission.
UCS-1 Hero Award      - You performed a heroic action during the UCS-1 mission.
UCS-1 Service Award   - You served at a Veteran's level during the UCS-1 mission.
Uranian Hero Award    - You performed a heroic action during the Uranus mission.
Uranian Service Award - You served at a Veteran's level during the Uranus mission.
Veteran Defender      - You protected 10 transport vessels.
Veteran Demolitionist - You destroyed 5 enemy capital ships.
Veteran Gunner        - You downed 100 COD fighters.
Veteran Sniper        - You took out 25 enemy missiles.

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