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  Hints and Tips for: Song of Horror 
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 Song of Horror Cheats

Song of Horror

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Obtain All Collectibles:
Written by NoireCallen14

This guide explains how to get all collectibles in Song of Horror the game.

-=Episode 1=-
Husher's Haikus are a collectible item hidden in the Husher Mansion on Episode 1.

The Haikus are a collection of folders that offer the player with insight into 
any Episode and inform them of any potential threats along with the location of 
other collectibles.

You can obtain the Haikus by finding three folders around the map. One is located 
in the same drawer as the master key. The second is in the car in the backyard. 
The last folder is in Julia's possession, who appears in the attic.

-=Episode 1 Haikus=-
"A crying friend, a parting gift, but only if they're themselves".
"A faceless figure, a room of smoke and death. It guards the door".

-=Episode 2 Haikus=-
"The crawling ones. Listen behind the mirror. Don't let them out".
"Searching for the glow. Warrior, cage, rain, And one down below".

-=Episode 3 Haikus=-
"Left door ajar. Suddenly the way out, was beyond reach".
"Proof of love, of self. He wants to recall somewhere. Far away from There".
"The shortest roads. Twisted, Rather than straight. Trust not your eyes".

-=Episode 4 Haikus=-
"Five repentances. A chance to alter fate, beckons the sinner".
"Purpose unfulfilled. Awaits frozen in time. Mind the bird in hand".

-=Episode 2=-
Coltar's Wisdom tooth is a collectible item hidden in Färber and Sons 
Antique Shop in Episode 2.

It is a golden tooth that sometimes predicts the future and warns the player of 
any imminent danger. It alerts by having the player accidentally drop the tooth.

You can obtain the tooth by feeding 4 Coltar tokens to a fortune-telling machine 
named at the front of the store.

The first one is in a samurai's helmet.
The second is in a trash pile outside.
The third is in Erica's spider cage, which you can retrieve safely when feeding 
with pet food with can be located possibly on Erica's Kitchen or her Father's Kitchen.
And the last token is in a basement room that the Presence guards for most of 
the episode, which usually becomes safe once you create the Luminol mixture.

-=Episode 3=-
Maxwell's Lucky Coin is a collectible item hidden in the State University of 
Arts and Humanities in Episode 3.

It is a coin that determines the player's decision and recommends the correct 
choice before the decision is made.

You can obtain the coin by locating Maxwell's ring and giving it back to him. In 
the Archives, his ring is found on a mummified corpse in the projector. To remove 
the ring, you need to use the shears found behind an ajar door next to the security 
before The Abyss Tutorial. In the Newspaper archives, Maxwell can be found in the 
women's restroom. Give Maxwell his ring and the coin is left on the toilet after 
he disappears.

-=Episode 4=-
The Tarot Deck is a collectible item hidden in St. Cecilia's Abbey in Episode 4.

The tarot deck is made up of five different cards named after the current minigames 
in their chronological order of introduction. The Door, The Darkness, The Silence, 
The Abyss, and the Requiem.

To obtain the tarot deck you must find all five repentances located in the abbey. 
The five repentances are from:

1. Husher, the writer

Location: Underground crypt, where you solving the puzzle to pass through the 
monster in the water, on top of one coffins closest to the monster.
Caution: You can only get this item during the process of solving the puzzle.

2. The treasurer

Location: In the Basilica, on a wooden box.

3. The librarian

Location: In the storage room located in the side room of the Scriptorium.
Caution: To get in the storage room, you need to use the deoxidizing solution 
manually from your inventory when you can interact with the door.

4. The abbot

Location: In abbot's study room, on the hand of the black figure statue.

5. The prior

Location: In the grave yard, behind a door which you can interact but can't be 
opened manually. The door will randomly opened when the character passes by it.
Danger: After seeing the door opened, quickly run down the stairs, grab the 
confession, and run out there. The inner door will closed after certain time 
after the door opened, if your character didn't run out there before the inner 
door closed, your character will died immediately.
Usage: Each one of the Tarot card resembles one dangerous event in the game. If 
player move certain card in front of other cards and flip it over, the 
corresponded dangerous event will no longer be able to come into play.

How to Boost FPS / Game Stability:
Written by CrashPunk 1997

Hate how some areas seem to completely demolish FPS? Here's how to fix that.

-=FPS Increase=-
* Head to the game's location in your steam library.
* Right click the game and open "properties".
* Navigate to "Launch options".
* Paste the following arguments into the box:

-useallavailablecores -d3d12 -high

This will do the following:

* useallavailablecores (force the game to use all the cores of your CPU)
* d3d12 (render the game in D3D12 (DX12) instead of D3D11 (DX11))
* high (set the priority of the process to "High", this will allow the 
  game to use more resources than normal)


The game might take slightly longer to start / properly load in assets with 
these fixes due to using DX12. However, in my experience this is very minimal 
and definitely worth the FPS boost.

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