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  Hints and Tips for: Songs of Conquest 
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 Songs of Conquest Cheats

Songs of Conquest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Guide for Beginners:
Written by Icebreaker

For beginners of Songs of Conquest,  this is a general guide for 
beginners, follow this guide and you’ll have a better gaming experience.

-= 1.Savegames=-
Savegames win this game – if you wanna try something wierd, or you‘re not 
sure about a battle outcome. Save from time to time if you think you’re 
doing well and maybe use that point of the game to try an other way.

I also recommend writing down the task you were going to perform in case 
you play over multiple days and want to remember

-=2.No Autofight=-
If you want to keep your losses to a minimum – do not Autofight! The AI has 
flaws and only works well if you have an OP-Army against Peasant-Troops – 
in that Case Autofight is allowed to save time.

-=3.Max Out the Command Skill at first=-
Command skill means how much troop slots you get – means it’s easier to pick 
up different kind of troops and beyond that, you can split troops into lets 
say 3 times 1 Militia and use them for kiting strong enemies and taking their 
counterattacks away, so they can‘t harm your higher valued Troops.

-=4.Push and Progress=-
Don’t sleep on your turns – try to be as efficient as possible!
The Campaign is designed to have a slow start and get you to know the game, 
but the 4th Mission (Death to Diplomacy) will be challenging, and will sort 
out the capable of the incompetent.

-=5.Raze your Settlements=-
If a enemy wielder is going to take over your settlement (because you cant 
defend or hold it)
sell all buildings the round before he takes control of it (unless you have 
the chance to take it back immediatly) so at least you will get back gold 
and ressources from that.

-=6.Raze enemy Settlemets=-
Same thing goes to enemy settlements – when you take it over us the raze 
option to decimate his buildings so he has to rebuild and wont get troops
(everything else does no harm to the enemy)
if you see him recapturing it – flee your wielder into another direction 
and save your troops.

How to Edit the Save File (Stats, Skills/Powers, Levels):
Written by 500KG

-=Editing Hero Skills=-
* Find your save file, usually at:
* x:\Users****\AppData\LocalLow\Lavapotion\SongsOfConquest\Savegames
* Open the file in Notepad++
* Search for your hero name. E.g. "Gnaw".
* Scroll along to the right a bit until you see the following: 
* This is your 'Skill' Section. 
  Skill 12 is your 'Command' skill, it is at level 3 when you start.

There are two [] brackets to show the whole section. 
With { , } to separate each skill.

So if you wanted to have Level 1 Arcana Magic, Level 1 Chaos Magic 
and Level 3 Command:


Important: You can break the file easily here, make sure you use the format:

[skill 1, skill 2, skill 3, skill 4, skill 5, skill 6]

Skill 1: Melee
Skill 2: Archery
Skill 3: Cunning
Skill 4: Guard
Skill 5: Combat Training
Skill 6: Breaks the game (do not use)
Skill 7: Arcana Magic
Skill 8: Chaos Magic
Skill 9: Creation Magic
Skill 10: Random Skills and Powers

-=Editing Hero Stats=-
Keep scrolling right past the Skills section and find the following:

Simply change the values. Enjoy!

-=Editing Hero Level=-
Edit the following line directly after your hero name:

Replace with whichever number you want.

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