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  Hints and Tips for: Sonic Adventure DX 
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 Sonic Adventure DX Cheats

Sonic Adventure DX

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fishing for Froggy:
Written by Tails The Fox

You might've come for some tips on catching that damned frog in Big's 
fishing levels, if you have come for help, read on!

-=Getting the Line to Froggy=-
First part is getting the line to Froggy, Froggy will swim in a circle 
in a set area, cast it there, you can move the line left and right, but 
for some reason if you try to move it left, it will go right and vice 
versa, there's also a trick where if will the line is in the water, if 
you press both camera buttons, Big will stop fishing, and If you are 
lucky enough, Froggy will bite the line (image doesn't show him biting 
it though) but, "Hit!" won't appear just yet.

-=Reeling in Froggy=-
Froggy is a jerk when it comes to reeling him in, as soon as Froggy 
bites the line, quickly mash the down button (pressing down arrow on 
d-pad controllers, flicking the stick down quickly on circle stick 
controllers, or the D key on keyboards), if "Hit!" pops up, you got the 
tough part done.

-=The Final Stretch=-
Now, hold the jump button (reel in fast) or the action buttons (reel 
in slow) to bring Froggy towards you, but be very careful, the meter 
on the right is the Tension Meter, if it fills, the line will break 
and you will lose a life. So if the Tension Meter gets high up, stop 
holding down jump or action but press one (or both) periodically. If 
all goes well, you'll finally get that damned frog!

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