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  Hints and Tips for: Sonic Mania 
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 Sonic Mania Cheats

Sonic Mania

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

First, unlock Debug mode by collecting any 16 Silver or Gold medals from the Blue Sphere 
special stages. Select Mania mode, highlight "No Save", choose the "Secrets" option, and 
enable Debug mode. Then, hold the keys assigned to [Delete] and [Jump] while "No Save" is
highlighted in Mania mode to unlock the Level Select menu. This menu allows you to select
any level (including special stages), Sound Test, and fight the secret final Boss without
getting all Chaos Emeralds. You can even play as Tails and Knuckles against the secret 
final Boss. To switch characters, press [Delete] or [Jump] while "Sound Test" is highlighted.
You can also add Tails to Sonic under "Sound Test". Additionally, play the indicated music 
tracks in the listed order under "Sound Test" to enable the corresponding cheat function. 
If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Infinite continues: 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04
Start with all Chaos Emeralds: 04, 01, 02, 06
Start game in Encore mode (DLC required): 02, 00, 01, 08, 00, 06, 02, 03
Enable all special moves for Sonic (Drop Dash, Insta-Shield, Peel-Out): 09, 00, 00, 01
Enable flight when in Super form (press [Jump] twice): 02, 00, 01, 07, 00, 08, 01, 05
Change all small animals to squirrels: 01, 09, 07, 09, 00, 08, 01, 01
Disable Super Sonic theme when transformed: 06, 02, 01, 04
Unknown: 01, 09, 08, 09, 00, 05, 00, 01

Easy "That's A Two-fer" achievement:
Find two item boxes at the end of any Act 1 to get the "That's A Two-fer" 
achievement. They are always in the same place. At the end of Green Hill 
Zone - Act 1, simply knock the Sonic/Dr. Eggman sign into the big sunflower 
on the right, and between the purple flowers on the left.

Easy "The Password Is Special Stage" achievement:
Reach the special stage ring hidden underneath the barrel in Mirage Saloon - 
Act 2. Once you reach the large barrel in the stage, simply push it to fall 
below and reach the hidden ring and get.

Play as Super Sonic:
Collect all seven Chaos Emerald in the special stages to unlock Super Sonic.

Alternate song in opening cutscene:
Leave the game idle and let the intro cutscene play through once. 
The second time the cutscene plays, you will hear an alternate song.

Level Select: 
Info:  An Xbox controller required)

Select the ‘No Save’ option on the far right of Mania mode with Debug Mode 
enabled and then press the ‘Menu’ button followed with Y and X together.

Info 2: If you do not have controller use these combination: 
Enter + Q + W (Keyboard)

Enable The Debug Mode:
To use cheats such as alternate modes, And Knuckles and Debug, you must go into 
Mania Mode and hover over the ‘No Save’ icon on the right. Next, press Y to 
activate these options. Here is how you use each mode:
* And Knuckles will add Knuckles as a second character, even to Knuckles!
* Debug is activated by pressing Y then the jump buttons to place and rotate 
  through options.
* Mania’s move is a Drop Dash (hold jump in the air), Sonic CD’s by holding Up 
  then jump, and Sonic 3 and K Insta-Shield by pressing jump in the air.

Infinite lives:
When you enter Press Garden: Act 1, look for the first ink container you see (it 
spawns the hopping Badniks), stand next to it, and perform a spindash to kill 
the Badnik. Stop the spindash, let another Badnik come out, then kill it with 
the spindash. Repeat this to keep having the points stack up to give you free 
Note: You cannot hold the spindash down -- you must release it in-between for 
another Badnik to spawn. Alternatively, you can use Super Sonic to stand there 
and do the same.

Alternate sound effect in Hydro City:
While hanging onto any of the hook switches in Hydro City Zone, press Left(3),
Right(3), Up(3) to have the gear boost pads in Hydro City play a voice clip each
time you use them. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime. 
Note: This code is a reference to Sonic And Knuckles; it is the level select 
code from that game.

Zone Select Menu:
The secret Zone Select Menu requires you to first unlock Debug Mode by collecting 
any 16 Silver or Gold Medals from the Blue Sphere special stages. Turn on Debug 
Mode by highlighting the "No Save" option on the file select screen, and pressing
the key assigned to "Alt" to access to Secrets Menu. With Debug Mode turned on, 
highlight "No Save", hold the key assigned to Delete, and press the key assigned
to Jump. Continue holding Delete until the Zone Select Screen appears.

Infinite time in Studiopolis Zone 1:
If time runs out when you are immaterial, being sent from an antenna to other, timer 
will freeze in 9:59:99 and you will not die. As always, if you beat the boss, you 
will get a 100000 points (2 ups) bonus.

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