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  Hints and Tips for: Sonic Adventure 2 - Battle 
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 Sonic Adventure 2 - Battle Cheats

Sonic Adventure 2 - Battle

Submitted by: Andrew

Go into the regulair chao garden (as sonic) and use the homing attack at the 
wall near the walls. Then you will fly out the garden you will see the island 
go to it and after a while of doing it you will see them swimming under the 
grass up to thier heads!

Submitted by: darkdragon

-=Hero or Dark Chao=- 
To make a Chao a Hero, simply use a Hero character and keep petting them. If 
done long enough, it will go white and be a Hero. To make it Dark, just use a
Dark character and do the same thing.

-=Dark Garden for Chao=-
Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Dark characters. Continually feed 
and train the Dark Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). 
Once it evolves, descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading
to the Dark Garden.

-=Hero Garden for Chao=-
Raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and
train the Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once
it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the 
main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden.

-=Pumpkin head for Chao=-
Find one of the Skeleton Dogs; the easiest place to do so is the Pumpkin Hill 
stage with Knuckles, and combine it with your Chao. With either Knuckles or Rouge,
start digging around in the Chao Garden. Eventually a pumpkin will appear. If you 
give it to the Chao mixed with the Skeleton Dog it will put it on its head. If you
want to take it off, either throw or hit your Chao.

-=Wake a sleeping Chao=-
To wake a sleeping Chao, stand next to it and whistle. You do not have to anger 
them by picking them up during a nap.

-=Play as Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow=-
Complete the "Last Stage?" in story mode, and you'll unlock both Super Sonic
and Hyper Shadow. 

-=Unlock Green Hill Zone=-
Get all 180 Emblems and unlock the 3D version of Green Hill Zone from Sonic The
Hedgehog 1. 

Alternate costume:
Finish all of one character's (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, etc.) missions to get
an alternate costume in two player mode. 

Extra Island level: 
To get an extra Island level, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, 
Timed Boss, and the emblems for all A rating. Once you have them all, which 
should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest level will have the 
face of Sonic on it. The new level is a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone, 
from Sonic The Hedgehog. 

Knuckles: Sunglasses: 
To get the sunglasses for Knuckles, play through story mode until you get to the 
Meteor Herd level. This occurs immediately after fighting the "Egg Golem". Look 
around for a big meteor on a separate floating rock island. Get on it, then get 
in back of the huge meteor, as far as you can go. Punch twice and then move 
forward for the Mini-Spiral Upper. If this does not work, try running at full 
speed and slam into the door in front of you. If it opens, break the metal box 
located there, then hit the button. Find a spring that takes you up to the top
(or climb up), then fall down the newly opened area. You should see a rainbow-
colored area with the Sunglasses power-up. 

Rogue: Treasure Scope: 
Successfully complete the Dark story line or get the Iron Boots in the Space
level. Then, return to the first level and look for the Egyptian sign that 
was in Egg-Quaters. You will find Mystic Melody here. Then, go to the Security
Hall and find the point of usage for Mystic Melody (there may be two). Follow 
the bridge that appears and use the Iron Boots on the crates to break them to 
find the Treasure Scope. 

Tails: Homing Laser upgrade: 
A weapon not mentioned in the manual is the upgrade for Tails' Homing Laser. 
After completing the stage in which Tails earns the Volcan Upgrade, go back 
to Prison Lane via the level selection screen. At the end of the level, 
before touching the goal, look for the cameras. Shoot them down and break 
the iron boxes in front of the gate (if there are any). The Laser upgrade 
will be behind two barred doors afterwards. 

Tails: Mystic Melody: 
Get the Vulcan Cannon upgrade (which is a mandatory item that you will 
eventually get). Then, go to the Egyptian level and play through it until you
see a door blocked by iron boxes. Shoot the boxes, go through the door, and 
collect the Mystic Melody. 

Homing Laser upgrade: 
To get the Homing Laser upgrade for the Eggwalker, on the first stage of the 
Dark story line, find a hall blocked by iron containers. Shoot them with your 
Vulcan cannon (needs to be upgraded first). You will find the homing laser 
upgrade at the end of the hall. 

Aquatic Mines: Air Necklace: 
Go to the Aquatic Mines level as Knuckles. Find the switch that changes the
water level to its third setting. (o do this, make sure it is on the first 
setting and climb the pole in the center of the room. Then, jump to the pulley
taking you above. Go to level 2 of the stage and find the a caution sign. Jump
in the pit and keep following the path to the item. The Air Necklace allows you
to breathe under water for an infinite amount of time. This is especially helpful
in the very last level, where you spend virtually the entire time underwater. 

Hidden Base: Green sea monster Chao: 
When playing as Tails, there is a hidden green sea monster Chao in the small 
maze. It makes your Chao's color turn green. 

Iron Gate: Special Dragon Animal for your Chao: 
To get A Special Dragon for the Dark story line, get all three Chao boxes in 
Iron Gate as Dr. Eggman. Be careful 00 one of the boxes is near the goal, 

Pumpkin Hill: Extra Skeleton Dogs: 
As Knuckles, go to Pumpkin Hill and get the extra life that is buried where the
Shovel Claw was located. Then, go to Church Mountain and look around one of the
graves closest to the wall. You should find a Skeleton Dog there. Restart the 
Level and do the same thing over again until you have as many as needed. The 
last time you do that, find a Chao Key and finish the level. It is easier to 
do this if you are on the 100 Ring mission or the Find The Chao mission. 

Sky Rail: Find the lost Chao: 
The Mystic Melody and Light Speed Dash are required. At the second checkpoint 
there will be rail. Do not go on it. Instead, turn to the left and you should 
see the Mystic Block. Play the Mystic Melody and rings will appear. Do the 
Light Speed Dash and there will be a lot of bouncy things. Bounce up a few and
at the top you will see the lost Chao. Go up a few more bouncy things to reach

Sky Rail: Ancient Light: 
As Shadow, skip the rocket and use the spring. Hit the bouncy propeller object 
until you get to the limit. You will see an enemy robot that you need to kill. 
Following him is a string of robots that you attack until you get to the Ancient
Light for Shadow. It does the same thing as the Ancient Light for Sonic. 

White Jungle: Ancient Light: 
To get the Ancient Light from the original Sonic Adventure, go to the White 
Jungle level as Sonic and keep playing until you reach the part where you are
in a tree with many enemy robots. Jump up to the area with the box of rings. 
From there, walk to the edge of the platform until you see an enemy robot. 
Home attack it and keep going, attacking item boxes until you get to an extra
life at the end of the line. There is also a 1-Up item which is the Ancient Light.

White Jungle: Fourth mission Emblem: 
There are no shortcuts in this level. To get the Emblem as Shadow, keep running 
and do not get hurt. 

Wild Canyon: Special Dragon Animal for your Chao: 
Play as Knuckles in the Wild Canyon level. Get all three Chao Boxes. The first 
Chao Box will be the Chao key. When you get the second Chao Box you can get 2, 
3 or 4 animals. With the third Chao Box, you can get the Dragon. 

For an easier way to get a Dragon, start the Wild Canyon level and go to the place
where you get the power-up on the wall you came out of. Look to where it and the 
left wall intersects. Climb up to find a Dragon. Go over there and play the Mystic
Melody. Go forward and get the extra life. Restart and do it again. 

Wild Canyon: Extra dragons and lives: 
Use the following trick to get a lot of dragons in about ten minutes. At the start
of the Wild Canyon level, climb the tall pillar to your right. When you reach the 
top, get the extra life and glide to the pillar on the other side of the room. 
Then, glide onto the pillar closest to it and get the Chao box. Enter the "wind 
tunnel" and when you get to the top, go to your left. Go to one of the first cubes
blocked by boxes. Punch the boxes for another extra life, then go to the end of 
the path. Once there, hit the Chao box, but avoid the animals. Once you get that,
go to the path across from the one you that are in. Go all the way down and either
kill or ignore the rhinos. Then, drop down into the statue area. Get the Chao box 
and the dragon, then exit and repeat this as many times as needed. 

Omachao as a weapon:
To have Omachao as a weapon go to a Omachao without activating him get close to 
him and there should be a B button on the screen and it should say pick press B 
and you'll have him in your hands now you can throw him at enemies have fun!

EZ Cash (rings for Chao garden):
To get rings easily sell the following items from the Chao garden to the Black Market:

Any Fruit       : 10 rings
Pumpking        : 50 rings
Normal Eggshell : 50 rings
White Eggshell  : 100 rings
Red egg         : 120 rings 

Skull for Chao:
To get a skull head for your chao go to dark garden with Rouge or Knukles and dig
everywhere once you get it give it to a smart chao and he'll put it on his head.

Ghost Chao:
To get ghost chao, go to the black market in the chao kindergarten. Buy a white egg.
Either wait until it hatches or hatch it yourself. Then get lots of bats(3 or 4, 
maybe more, it took me 3) from the levels and give them to the chao that came from
the white egg. Then go to the fortune teller and name him Ghostly.

Pumpkin chao:
Get some skeleton dogs(good place to do it is pumpkin hill or pyramid cave). Give 
them to your chao. Then start digging with knuckles ou rouge and eventually a you'll
find a pumpkin. I found my pumpkin in the hero garden. Give the pumpkin to the chao
who you gave the skeleton dogs to and he will put it on his head. 

Planting seeds in choa garden:
Go to the choa races and beat the first 2 races on all three difficulty levels, 
with the same chao. Then buy the seed you want at the Black Market, and give it 
to the choa who won the races. The chao should eventually plant the seed somewhere.

Get a secret Half-Fish: 
Submitted by: joshua mccammon 

Go to the Green Forest level with Sonic. Proceed on until you come to a tunnel 
following a few robots. Go through it (watch out for the spiky robot!) but DO NOT
go over the jump plate after it. Instead, turn right and go into the inside corner
of the boxes there. You should hear that noise of the animal. If you don't, run in
a circle until you do. It will be a special Half-Fish. 

Ultimate Light and Dark Chaos:
Once you have transformed your Hero or Dark Chao into a Chaos Chao, give it every 
animal. Wait a long time. Eventually it will start cocooning. Once it is out of its
cocoon, if its an Ultimate Dark Chao it will have a blue flame above its head, horns,
and huge wings. If its the Ultimate Light Chao, it will have a bright gold glowing 
halo over its head, pink glowing legs and arms. To get the ultamate Light, Angel, 
and Devil Chao, you must first make sure you Chao has just rebirthed for its second
time. Make sure you have not given it any animals yet. Then, give it one of all the
twenty one animals to play with in no particular order (Boar, Cheetah, Bunny, Otter, 
Seal, Penguin, Gorilla, Tiger, Bear, Condor, Parrot, Peacock, Sheep, Racoon, Skunk, 
Half Fish, Skeleton Dog, Bat, Unicorn, Dragon, Phoenix). For an Angel Chao, use Sonic,
Knuckles, or Tails to give all the animals. For a Devil Chao use Dr. Eggman, Shadow, 
or Rouge to give all the animals. For a Light Chao, use a combination of all the 
characters to give all the animals. Remember, if you want your Chao to rebirth you 
must not throw him or her. Pet them and feed them frequently. To get the best color
for your Devil, Light, or Angel Chao, use the eggs that you get when you first entered
the Garden. They are white with blue and yellow spots.

Shiny colorful Chao:
Enter the Tiny Chao Garden in Sonic Advance. Press L to buy an egg to get to the 
shop. Transfer the egg to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. When the egg comes out, it 
should be a different color than it was before the transfer. 

Sparkly normal Chao:
At the Black Market, buy a white sparkly Egg. Buy two Chao Fruits. Give the Chao 
Fruits to the sparkly Chao and any kind of non-sparkly adult Chao about the same 
time. As soon as they have an egg, throw it against the wall to hatch it. 
Note: This trick will only work rarely. It should be born white with blue patches.
It looks even better if you evolve it Dark.

Flame head Chao:
To get a blue flame Chao, raise a red Chao with Knuckles until it grows two spikes
on it head. Then, go into Chao World and pet that Chao repeatedly for a long time.
It should grow two ears on the top of its head. After that, pet it again repeatedly.
A blue flame will appear on top of its head.

To get a blue flame Chao, go to the Black Market with a hero character and buy a 
lime green egg (requires 125 or more emblems). Bring the egg into the Hero garden
and hatch it by rocking it (pick it up and hold B). Once hatched, feed it a Sea 
Monster (from the Hidden Base maze). Then, go back into the Black Market and buy 
a Chao Fruit. Feed it the fruit, then feed it a Hero Chao Nut. After it finishes,
the ball above its head should be a blue and orange flame.

To get any type of flame head Chao, raise your Chao to be a Hero, Dark, or Neutral
type. When it evolves into one, give it three Green Lagoon Monsters, which can be 
found as Tails when you have to infiltrate Eggman's base.

Give a Chao at least three Half Fish or a sea monster. You can find them in the 
Jungle level as Sonic.

Unicorn Chao:
Buy a White Egg from the Black Market. Raise it with both Hero and Dark characters.
Pick up the egg and nudge it for a while. Note: If you throw the egg against the 
wall to hatch it, this trick will not work. Once it hatches, feed it coconuts until
its stamina reaches level 4. Then, give it two Unicorns to play with. Keep petting 
it with both Hero and Dark characters so the ball above its head stays the same 
color, but the Chao gets happier. Soon it will start cocooning. When it gets out,
it will be a unicorn Chao. If you abuse the chao in any way this will not work.

Chaos with items on their head:
Give your Chao a skeleton dog. Then, give your Chao a skull, trash bag, pumpkin, 
etc. After a little while, a "!" will appear above its head and it will put it on.
To take it off, attack or jump on your Chao.

Chao with rainbow wings:
Keep giving a Chao all different color Chao Drives. Do this for a while and your 
Chao should grow either rainbow wings or rainbow arms. If this does not happen, 
keep trying

Fire-breathing Chao:
Give a Chao a lot of Dragons. After that, it sometimes will blow fire out of its 
mouth. Watch closely, as the Chao will not do it very often.

Skeleton Chao:
Get the Fire Ring. Go to the level where you find the Bounce Bracelet. Soon after 
the part where you find the bracelet, you will see an animal-like thing that you 
can feed to Chaos in a cage. Roll into the iron box under the cage and it will 
fall down, leaving the animal-like thing on top of it. Get it. When you go to 
Chao World, feed it to a Chao. Either their arms or legs will turn into a bone.

Purple diamond Chao:
Get a normal baby Chao (from a spotted egg) and give it Warthogs (can be found in 
Radical Highway). Pet/love it with Rouge and grow its fly level to 30 or higher. 
Wait for it to grow up. Then, give it Skull Dogs to take off the Warthog and you 
will have a purple diamond Chao.

Gold Chao:
Link the game with Sonic Advance on the Game Boy Advance. Go to the Tiny Chao 
Garden. Press "L" and if you are lucky, you will be able to buy a gold egg for 
1000 rings. Trade a yellow jewel from Sonic Advanced to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
Buy a normal brown Chao from the Black Market. Buy two Heart Fruits. Give it to 
them. When they lay an egg, hatch it. It should be a gold Chao.

Sparkly Gold Chao:
Buy a sparkly yellow or brown egg from the Black Market. If you buy a sparkly 
yellow egg, buy two Heart Fruits and give one to the sparkly Chao and one to a
normal brown Chao. If you buy a sparkly brown egg, buy two Heart Fruits and give
one to the sparkly brown Chao and one to a normal yellow Chao. When they lay an
egg, hatch it. It should be a sparkly Gold Chao. 

Silver Chao:
Link the game with Sonic Advance on the Game Boy Advance. Go to the Tiny Chao 
Garden. Press L and if you are lucky, you will be able to buy a gold egg for 
500 rings. Get a white metallic Chao and raise it with a Dark character (Shadow,
Rouge, Eggman) and it will turn silver.

Shadow Chao:
Keep giving a Chao Green Chaos Drives. When it evolves, it will have green 
stripes on its head just like Shadow. This works best with the normal Chaos 
that hatch from the white and blue eggs.

Knuckles Chao:
Only feed your Chao Red Fruits, and Red Chaos Drives. Do not give your Chao 
any animals. Your Chao must be a Hero Chao for this to work. Your Chao will 
have a stem on its head, but when it transforms its sixth time, its head will
look like Knuckles. 

Green Sonic Chao:
Get a blue egg from the Black Market. Give that Chao at least 15 Green Chaos 
Drives. As Sonic or Shadow, keep petting the Chao. Give that Chao the hog at 
least two times. You can also get a regular color Chao and give the 15 Green 
Chaos Drives. Then, when it evolves, spend a lot of time with the Chao as Sonic
and it will be blue. 

Super Sonic Chao:
Raise a Gold Chao from Sonic Advanced or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle with Shadow.
Do not give anything to the Chao besides fruits (Hero, Dark, Round, etc.). When
your Chao transforms it, will be a Super Sonic Chao.

Hyper Shadow Chao:
Raise a Silver Chao with Shadow. Feed it only fruit and chaos drives (red 
recommended). When it transforms, it will be a Hyper Shadow Chao.

Tails Chao:
Get a Purple Chao and raise it with Eggman until it gets a Dragon head (pet it 
frequently). Then, give it nothing except Purple Chaos Drives and only feed it 
five Fruits. 

Dark Chao:
Get every animal two times with a Dark character. It can be either be Rouge, 
Shadow, or Dr. Eggman. Give every animal two times to the Chao, and when his 
stamina level is at 7, put him on the flowers. The Chao should be in a Chao 
head-like cocoon and in a few seconds it should hatch into a Dark Chao. 

Crazy Chao:
Have a Dark Chao. When in the Dark Garden give it five Dark Fruits. After that,
your Chao will sleep once you whistle. When he gets up, he will have a strange 
smile and start running around. He will hit other Chaos and knock them down.

Magic Chao:
When you enter Chao Karate, if you go to Expert you will see a Chao named Magic.
First, pet a Chao frequently with Sonic, then get one of each animal and give 
it to the Chao. Then, get about eight Skeleton Dogs and give it to the Chao. 
All the animals should be gone. If not, keep giving him the Skeleton Dog then
give it lots of Green Chaos Drives. This requires patience -- it should evolve
when its level reaches 32. 
Note: If you leave the Gamecube on overnight, the spike on its head will get 

Transparent Chao:
Breed a Shiny Chao with a Jewel Chao. Jewel chaos are the ones from Sonic 
Advanced. The normal egg is not a Jewel Chao, but silver and gold Chao eggs
are. When the egg hatches, it will be light green and transparent. Try using
the egg that costs 5000 rings and the shiny red Chao.

Delete animal characteristics from Chao:
If you have a Chao with strange animal characteristics, simply give it a few 
Skeleton Dogs. Your Chao will return to normal. If you want to give it an 
animal and you do not like the outcome, repeat the process again.

Chao in a cage:
In the Dark Garden, keep throwing a Chao at the cage and it will eventually go 

Quick Chao transformation:
Keep petting your Chao and it will eventually transform. 

Hidden Chao transportation:
Walk up to the Chao Kindergarten when an item is in your hands and your Chao is at
a classroom. When selecting "Pick-Up Chao", if you still have the item in your 
hands, your Chao will not be in your hands. It will be in the Chao Garden (if 
your cocoon has hatched -- go to either the Hero or Dark garden).

Chaos Drive Colors:
Yellow: Swim
Green: Run
Red: Power
Purple: Fly 

Plant trees:
Win all the Beginner Chao races. You will receive a shovel and water pail for 
winning the third race in two of them. Go to Chao Kindergarten and press "B" on 
the black locker, opening the Chao black market. Buy a seed of any kind of tree
you wish to grow. Return to your Chao garden. Once there, give your Chao the seed
and in about 30 seconds or so a "!" will appear above its head. It will start 
digging, watering, then dancing. After a couple of visits to the garden you can
give your Chao the kind of fruit that falls from the tree. You can grow five to six
trees in the garden.

City escape Finding the lost Chao:
You will need the Mystic Melody for Sonic. After you run down the side of the 
building, there will be bounce springs. Do not go on them. Near the tree is a 
Mystic Melody platform. Use Mystic Melody and bounce on some springs. Kill some
robots to get to the top. If you see an orange pole, go on it and launch yourself
up. Go in the room to find the lost Chao.

White Jungle: Finding the lost Chao:
You will need the Mystic Melody. After swinging on the third vine, go on the "pulley"
after the robots. You will see a spiked car and slam thing. Go past them and go on 
another "pulley". When up there, do not go on the other "pulley". Go backwards down
a path and use the Mystic Melody on the Mystic Melody stand. Then, go on all the 
platforms, "pulleys", and robots to get to the lost Chao.

Invisible Chao body:
Go into the Dark Garden. Pick up a Chao and take it over to the tree. Go to the right 
of the tree and you will see a fence. Drop the Chao near the fence. If done correctly,
the Chao will drop into the ground and all that will be visible is its head.

Fast money:
Submitted by: scout

To get money (rings) quickly just simply go to the black market with an item that you 
can sell (eggshells, fruits, stuff youve bought, ect.) sell it then once you hear at 
the money noise press "reset" then go back to the garden and you should have the money 
and the item!

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