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 Sonic Generations Cheats

Sonic Generations

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Statue room:
Enter the Collection room and hold Select PlayStation3 
or Back  Xbox 360   for five seconds to enter a trap 
hole that takes you to the Statue room. Once there, 
you can enter the following passwords to unlock the statues.

Statue          Password 
Aero-Cannon   - 329494
Amy Rose      - 863358
Big the Cat   - 353012
Blaze the Cat - 544873
Booster       - 495497
Buzz Bomber   - 852363
Capsule       - 777921
Chao          - 629893
Chaos Emerald - 008140
Charmy Bee    - 226454
Chip          - 309511 
Chopper       - 639402 
Classic Sonic - 171045 
Classic Tails - 359236
Cop Speeder   - 640456
Crabmeat      - 363911 
Dark Chao     - 869292 
Dr. Eggman    - 613482 
E-123 Omega   - 601409 
Egg Chaser    - 200078 
Egg Fighter   - 851426 
Egg Launcher  - 973433 
Egg Pawn      - 125817 
Eggrobo       - 360031 
Goal Ring     - 283015 
Grabber       - 275843 
Gun Beetle    - 975073 
Gun Hunter    - 668250 
Iblis Biter   - 872910 
Iblis Taker   - 513929 
Iblis Worm    - 711268 
Item Box      - 209005 
Metal Sonic   - 277087 
Moto Bug      - 483990 
Omochao       - 870580 
Sandworm      - 548986 
Spinner       - 530741 

Play as Super Sonic:
Defeat the final Boss to play as Super Sonic in the Classic 
and Modern stages.

Original Sonic The Hedgehog game:
Purchase the Sega controller from the shop found to the left of 
Green Hill Zone. Take the controller to the Sega console found 
in the top left area of Green Hill Zone.

City Escape: Character references:
In the City Escape level during any challenge as Modern Sonic, reach 
the foot of the staircases before the semi truck chase. Once there, you
will find various posters. Some of the more obscure characters from the
Sonic series can be seen here. Mighty The Armadillo from Knuckles Chaotix
is displayed on a "MISSING" poster, while on nearby "WANTED" posters, Fang
The Weasel from Sonic Triple Trouble is visible, and Bark The Dog from 
Sonic: The Fighters, among others.

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