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  Hints and Tips for: SoniComi 
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 SoniComi Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

from Cerzel

Endings 1 to 15 are all unlocked based on your position in the chart when you 
end the game, buy the items in the ouka shop to see this. Route splits occur 
based on your mainstream / niche position at chapters 4 and 6 and each column
represents one of the five routes at chapter 6 and the three endings for that
route. (Endings 1/2/3 and 4/5/6 are routes A and B, for example.) 
If you're in a box and not getting the ending for that box when you finish 
chapter 7 then you weren't in the right route for that at one of the route 

Ending 16 is the true end and requires one ending from each route (column) 
before you can access it. To get this you need to raise Sonico's affection 
very high through interactions with her. There are several events that will
happen if you're getting it high enough. At the start of chapter 4, you can
hold Sonico's hand when the option comes up. At the end of chapter 4 Sonico
will take you to the music club and tell you about her dream. In chapter 5 
the scene where you pick "C-Come to think of it..." will end with a cat showing
up if your affection is too low, or a promise to go on a date if it's high 
enough. If the latter, you'll then get chapter 5-2 unlocked. After going 
through chapter 5-2 and continuing to keep Sonico's affection high, after 
chapter 7 you'll move on to chapter 8 instead of the game ending normally.
The true end may be locked to the A route (endings 1/2/3); this needs some
confirmation. I wasn't able to get it on any other route.

If you're having trouble getting Sonico's affection high enough, remember 
that waiting during interaction prompts will sometimes cause more options 
to appear, and sometimes saying or doing nothing is the best option. There
are also a few instances where of multiple choices one will raise affection
more than the other. This is represented by the size of the heart.

Ending 17 is the bad end you get if your client satisfaction total is 
below 60% when the game ends.

Ending 18 is a secret ending that you can only get after the true end 
(possibly after all other endings) and requires you to attempt to talk
about and touch Sonico's headphones every time it's an option.

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