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  Hints and Tips for: Sonic Riders 
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 Sonic Riders Cheats

Sonic Riders

Unlockable: SEGA Courses:
To unlock the two SEGA courses in the game -- Carnival and Illusion -- 
you must get gold emblems on the grand prix.

Unlockable: Characters:
To unlock the characters listed below on the left, fulfill the given
requirement on the right.

Unlockable            How to Unlock
AiAi                - Beat each Jet, Wave and Storm mission 
Cream the Rabbit    - Finish Hero Mode 
E-10000 G           - Log twenty hours, or complete 100 races 
E-10000 R           - Log fifty hours 
Eggman              - Finish Babylon Rogue’s Story 
NiGHTS              - Beat each Jet, Wave and Storm mission 
Rogue the Bat       - Finish Hero Mode 
Shadow the Hedgehog - Finish Hero Mode 
Ulala               - Beat all Jet, Wave and Storm mission
Bike                - Unlock Eggman
Skate               - Unlock Shadow
Babylon Story       - Complete Hero Story
Chaos Emerald Gear  - Complete Every Mission With A Gold Ranking
Jet Missions        - Simply Complete Storm And Wave's Missions.
Magic Carpet Gear   - Complete Babylon Story
Rouge The Bat       - Complete Hero's Story
Sega Carnival       - Complete Hero Grand Prix
Sega Illusion       - Complete Babylon Grand Prix

Bonus music:
Complete the indicated part to unlock the corresponding 
music track in the "Audio Room" menu. 

Catch Me If You Can        - Complete the Babylon storyline
Theme of Babylon Garden    - Complete Hero storyline
Theme of Digital Dimension - Complete Babylon storyline
Theme of Sega Carnival     - Unlock the Sega Carnival track

Theater movies:
Complete the indicated story to unlock the corresponding movie in the 
"Theater" option. 

Movie 1 - Complete Hero Story
Movie 2 - Complete Babylon Story
Movie 3 - Complete Final Story

Trick sets:
Every character has three sets of tricks that can be done. To see all three 
sets you must use the skates, boards, and motorcycles.

Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg reference:
In Sega Carnival, when you get shot out of the cannon you will turn into a ball.
With Sonic, you will turn into a white ball with blue polka dots. This ball 
resembles an egg from the game Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg.

Leveling up:
During a race, once you collect enough rings you will level up. The stream your
character's board leaves will change colors, and his or her attacks will become
more proficient.

Faster boosts and stronger attacks:
Depending on what level your attacks are, they will last for a longer time and 
have a paralyzing effect. At level 1, you will have a short boost and weak 
attacks; and no paralyzing. At level 2, you will have a medium sized boost and
stronger impact on enemies; and short Paralysis. At level 3, you will have the
longest sized boost and a powerful paralyzing attack on your enemies. 

Red Canyon: 100 rings:
To get 100 rings automatically, when you get to the waterfall at the end of the 
stage, look to your left. You will see a ring box that holds 100 rings that will
go into your bank and give you a level 3 Boost and Attack.

Traffic in Metal City:
Once you get off the short ramp and reach the fork in between two tunnels, go to 
the left. There will be no traffic. If you are going very fast this will be the 
best way to get through the tunnel without hitting any cars.

Voice announcer:
When you play as Shadow, first perform a few tricks. If you listen closely, you 
can hear the announcer say "She has made a perfect landing!" or "She landed 
perfectly and has taken advantage of the speed boost."

Knuckles: Boosting:
When using Knuckles (especially on missions), you can boost often to give yourself
an edge or complete the mission on time. Keep in mind that when you punch through 
objects you will gain air. When you get hit by objects you will lose air.

Bonus characters:
-Successfully complete the Hero storyline to unlock Shadow The Hedgehog, Rouge 
 The Bat, and Cream The Rabbit. 
-Successfully complete the Babylon storyline to unlock Eggman.
-Complete Storm's, Wave's, and Jet's missions to unlock AiAi, Ulala, and NiGHTS.
-To play as Super Sonic you must get all the Gold Emblems in Mission mode. Then, a 
 Chaos Emerald will be selectable as one of Sonic's Extreme Gears. Choose it, and 
 Super Sonic will appear. Super Sonic goes ridiculously fast, and has all three 
 types (Speed, Power, Flight). However, he has some disadvantages. For example, you
 will lose rings rather than air. This means that sharp turns and boosting/attacking
 will make you lose rings. Once you have lost all your rings, you will revert back 
 to normal Sonic. To change back, simply acquire one or more rings.
-Complete 100 races to unlock E-10000G. Alternately, accumulate over twenty hours 
 of game time. 
-Accumulate over fifty hours of game time to unlock E-10000R.

To use turbulence effectively, wait for it to appear and ride on it. After you see
arrows on the side, move towards it to gain speed and air. Also, it is an effective
way to get in position to pass and hit an opponent.

Defeating Babylonian God (Genie):
To defeat this giant, play as Sonic. He has three lives. To catch him, get a good
head start. He is very quick. Do not make a mistake or it will take awhile to catch
up. When you start, you must catch up to him using the turbulence streams and the 
grind rails. It helps to make quick work of him. Also, use the ramps and try to make
the most tricks you can, but do not take any unnecessary risks. After you start 
getting close to him, use your boost to go through the lamp-like object below him, 
and he will let out a cry. Then the stage will look like a digital place for a period
of time. After it returns to normal, repeat the process. After the third strike you 
deliver, it will quickly turn into a race. If you are near the finish line, use the 
turbulence and your boosts at any costs. When you win you will see an intermission 
sequence showing what the legendary treasure really is.

Red Canyon: Shortcut:
There is a good shortcut that can only be used by flying characters. When you get
to the first river stream with the waterfall ahead, go past the speed and power 
signs. Then there will be a path you can take to go forward or left. Go forward 
and turn left to see a booster. Get on it and do not turn left or right. You will
then see three big looking rings (accelerators) and you will be taken to the Ferris
wheel-looking object in a short amount of time.

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