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  Hints and Tips for: Space Hulk: Tactics 
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 Space Hulk: Tactics Cheats

Space Hulk: Tactics

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Special Units:
In order to have a Special unit on the battlefield, you need first to Play the corresponding 
card in your hand on the specified Blip and to have the required amount of Menace Point (or MP).

Once the Blip has been chosen, you will have to wait your next Turn before the unit appears.

-=Special01 : Bulwark Biomorph=-
This unit is slower than its kind: 4 AP (instead of 6) but it requires 2 successful dices 
(instead of 1) in order to kill it. These successes can be splited : one can come form a shot 
with a Storm Bolter and the second one from a close Assault Action.

-=Special02: Reaperfex Biomorph=-
His agility allows him to cross over squares already occupied by other units or Interactive 
Object. He also has 8 AP (instead of 6).

-=Special03 : Broodlord=-
-He can use the action Vanish (the cost is 6 AP) which allows to move from its current 
square to an other one on the battlefield.
Player has to choose an eligible square nearby to do this action: < 13 squares from its 
origin ; -> 4 to an opponent’s unit ;-> 10 to an extract point

-If the unit is beyond 7 squares from a Terminator: 1 adjacent square of the Broodlord is 
an entry area for Blip.

-=Special04: Miasmic Biomorph=-
When it dies, his body spills a gaz on its square. It lasts 1 turn. Every cost for a 
Terminator’s movement in this area costs double.

Common Rules:
Each unit has Actions Points (AP). They are spent for actions like Interaction, Close 
Assault or Movements. The AP count is reset at the beginning of a new turn.

Only the Terminators can retrieve additional AP (AP Squad) by converting a Card.

Convert a Card has a different effect depending of the faction you play.

Only Terminators need to have a line of sight in order to use certain actions (ie: 
Shoot Action with a Storm Bolter). A line of sight can be obstructed by a unit or an 
Interactive Object (ie: doors).

A Full Turn is the addition of Terminator + Genestealer Turns.

At the end of their Turn, each opponent draw the necessary amount of cards to have 3 
of them in hand. If they already have 3 cards (or more) at the end of their turn, 
no cards are drew.

We advise you to set the timer to the maximum value for your first missions.

Card Basics:
You get 3 each turn, with some chapters giving you the ability to redraw 3, or the 
Best ones, Draw 6, giving you plenty of tactical options. (But you discard the ones 
you have, so make sure to use them first)

1.On the top right of the Card it shows how long the card effects last.
  Arrow down = INSTANT (Some cards have these that last till your next turn shown 
               on the card detail)
  Hourglass 1 = Until the end of your Turn
  Hourglass 2 = Until your next Turn
  Hourglass   = Last until an action is taken.

  Lets say you have a card that says next shot or melee is a success, if it shows 
  Hourglass 1 it means if your turn ends and you havent killed anything? 
  That Card buff goes puff.

2.Top left Shows CP (Command Points) Cost, they usually go from 1-4, you get 1 CP 
  at the start of your turn, and can use certain cards that give you Extra for 
  each Genestealer you kill. So best use those when about to kill alot of Genes.

3.Convert, currently in need of a buff in my opinion, converting a Card gives you 
  AP (Action Points) that the whole squad can draw from. The better the card, the 
  more AP you get. Use this early on when you are low on CP to give your termies 
  that extra push.

You should always be converting a card every turn (unless you are saving it) you can 
only convert 1 card per turn. And remember, when on overwatch, this Squad AP will 
help them unjam their weapons if they themselves have no AP.

-=Chapter Bonuses=-
Each Chapter gives different unique Cards. Make sure to read the cards from each 
class for each chapter and compare them then pick the ones that suit your playstyle.

Their Sergeant and Librarian can transfer their action points to other teammates. 
They also seem more Plasma focused for their heavies so if you are bringing a heavy 
best bring that sexy plasma. They also have an extra card on making your plasma 
immune to overheating.

They also reduce genes in blips (very nice) and reduce AP for genes in line of sight 
(not so nice). Also their Apothecary grants a card that gives 2 PSI points for each 
gene killed, meaning you want to bring a librarian if bringing an Apothecary.


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