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  Hints and Tips for: Space Pilgrim Academy 
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 Space Pilgrim Academy Cheats

Space Pilgrim Academy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Android_mac_10

My contacts on the outside put together this cheat sheet to help first-year 
cadets get all achievements and full marks!

Achievements in this game are all unlocked in a linear order:

The Stray
Fractus if you're following this guide closely, you shouldn't miss any of them on 
your way through :)

-=Unmissable Achievements=-
Oh, quick note on the 3 unmissable achievements. 
These achievements will automatically unlock at the end of each act, 
so don't worry about them:

I = Act #1: The Stray
II = Act #2: Triarch
III = Act #3: Fractus

-=Act #1
You may have already come across the answers to the questions you will be asked in 
History class. If not, these screenshots will help you out.

* Eight years.
* Jovian Astrolaw Commission.
* Callisto.
* Leila Barett.

In Cosmography class, you'll have a memory test...
...or you can just use this star map for reference ;)

Feeding time in Xenobiology class! Match the animal with the right food:

The tiny deer with fluffy antlers is a grazing animal, so it'll have the Fornaxian red grass.
The green rodent is a forager, so give it some Zuzu berries.
The scorpion creature usually hunts it's own food, so let it have the grigs.
...and the Abassian Quadropus is left with the Abassian limpets.

This will help with your "special lesson" in basic military space battle tactics ;)

Your single greatest enemy in any space battle would be the environment.
The main problem fighting in space is you have more flanks to protect.
Tactically, the two most important factors in space battles are stealth and detection.
The formation that would offer the best protection for your flagship is the prism type.

-=Act #2
You need to assemble 3 robots in Engineering class:

A nimble, lightweight drone with 360° vision.
A strong, tough, all-terrain security bot.
A friendly attendant droid.

Answer Amari's questions in Philosophy class.

Philosophy is a search for truth.
Where do human beings sit on the cosmic scale? Somewhere in the middle.
Ask Amari a question..."Can one person change the galaxy?"

You'll be having dinner with Yusof in Culture class...
be a good host and try not to offend him :P

Introduction: Businessmen of Tau Ceti do like gossip, so start with that.
Dinner:	Children should be respectful of their elders, so start serving!
Interests: He's all about research/technical innovations, so tell him you like Engineering.
Gift: Tau Ceti is generally dark and barren, so offer him some flowers :)
...when he gives you a parting gift, you should politely accept.

Chemistry! Put on your lab coat (near the teacher's desk), it's time to do science! 
Here's the recipe for success...

FeS (Iron sulfide) = Fe+S (Iron powder+Powdered sulfur)
NH4Cl (Ammonium chloride) = NH3+HCl (Ammonia+Hydrochloric acid)
CuO4S+H2O (Copper sulfate+Water) = CuO+H2SO4 (Copper oxide+Sulfuric acid)

This should help you find your way around docking a mid-size starship on a space station.

When arriving at your destination after a long journey, first thing to slow down!
Next course of action,	communicate with the station.
When docking with the spinning station, you should match speed with their rotation.
Once you've cleared the docking bay doors, come to a stop above the landing pad.

-=Act #3=-
When hacking the medibot at the hospital, you'll want it to loosen up and be more helpful. 
Sergey doesn't like it's stupid jokes either, so do something about that too.
Other settings may also work...or not? :P

In Fine Arts class, come up with some fresh new lines for the intern's poem to impress Amari.

Oh, Rita with the purple hair.
My deepest dream, my sweet nightmare.
Her beauty has me in it's snare.
Will she listen to my prayer?
Oh, Rita with the purple hair.

Other lines may work just as well (She has an elegance so rare/Sitting there, without a care).

After you've finished searching the teachers' offices, you'll be "taught a lesson" ;)
Basic H.I.S.S. protocol for dealing with armed assailants = Hide, Improvise, Surprise, Subdue.

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