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 Space Pilgrim Episode Two: Epsilon Indi Cheats

Space Pilgrim Episode Two: Epsilon Indi

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Booby Trap" achievement:
While under attack during Act III, try to open Leila Barret's locker in the
barracks by selecting "Enter Combination". 

Easy "The Dark Side" achievement:
After boarding the J.A.C. ship in Act 2, go through a middle door and collect 
the Metal Clamps and Stun Gun. Leave the room and enter the last room on the 
right side to find the doctor and a prisoner. Walk to the prisoner, select 
"Use item on prisoner", then choose the Stun Gun. You also may need to use 
the Cable or Metal Clamps on the prisoner as well. 

Easy "Space Opera" achievement:
Interact with the television in the kitchen where you first met Doctor Balik.

Easy "Top Marks" achievement:
In the Chapter 3, shortly after entering the main building you will be given 
a "test" consisting of evading robots and reaching a pistol. In the first test 
you must evade one robot. In the second test you must evade two of them. If you 
fail either test, you will get another chance. After the second test has been 
completed, you will get an option to try to evade three robots. After choosing 
to do so, save the game. This will require some luck to have each of the robots 
follow approximately the same path. Each robot has a different probability of 
moving towards you instead of taking a random direction at each step. After the 
test begins wait until the robots have taken two steps towards you and are one 
away. Then, move backwards around the box and go back towards the pistol. 
After a few attempts, you should get lucky and have all three follow you around 
the box, giving you the chance to lead them back toward the pistol without being 
headed off.

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