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  Hints and Tips for: Space Robinson 
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 Space Robinson Cheats

Space Robinson

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where to Find Liquid Crystal:
Sandy gives you the hint:

“I think there was a special furnace for melting crystals in the Collapsed Caves. 
But I’m not sure.”

This is much more difficult to figure out, but one of the glowing yellow displays 
can give you the message:

“Diary of Senior Miner Xu. Entry 15.##”A couple of days ago we found the entrance
 to a collapsed cave system in the desert plains near Colony 21. It was under one 
of those fragile stones. We couldn’t go deep into the caves – there were too many 
blocked passages. We have to go back and continue to study the caves. What if 
there’s something interesting in there?”

So, to find the Collapsed Caves, you must go through the first two levels of the 
desert area, breaking all of the breakable light tan blocks along the way. You do 
not need to destroy the triangle bushes or exploding plants. After destroying the 
last block in the second level, a pinkish purple portal will open up, taking you 
to the Collapsed Caves.

Inside the caves, you will be faced with a few rooms full of enemies with one 
floating red sphere (pictured above) in each room. Eventually, you will stumble
across the “special furnace”(pictured below). Interact with it and you will get
the liquid crystal item.

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