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  Hints and Tips for: Space Run 
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 Space Run Cheats

Space Run

Submitted by: David K.

Accomplished space runner Make all deliveries.
Armaggeddon Destroy 10 ennemies or constructi.ons in one activation of the fire rain ability.
Armed to the teeth Get 10 weapons built on your ship.
Boom! Destroy 10 ennemy ships.
Budding delivery boy Make your first delivery.
Building frenzy Build 5 construction in 5 seconds.
Engineering expert Buy all engineering's modules and upgrades.
F!!K me I'm famous! Get 150 reputation points.
False friends Turn 5 pirates into allies in one activation of the IFF jammer ability.
Fast & Safe! Get 5 reputation points at the end of a delivery.
Faster than light! Reach 1000 thrust power during a delivery.
Fatality! Destroy a boading ship with the death ray ability.
Fire at will! Destroy 'The Eye' of Captain Black in less than 60 seconds.
Hyperactive Make a delivery for each freight company.
I am the boss! Destroy a boarding ship.
Mind your backs! Destroy 5 ennemies or constructions in one activation of the burn ability.
Never tell me the odds! Use hyperspace ability during the delivery 'Asteroids on steroids'.
Overzealous Bring back 150% cargos or more in a BC delivery.
Perfectionist Buy the three upgrades of a module.
Recharge your batteries! Buy a power generator.
Refurbishing Repair 1000 hit points in one activation of the mass repair ability.
Salvage man Recycle 5 constructions during a delivery.
Slow and steady ... Use the tactical break ability 2 times during a delivery.
Space corsair Destroy 200 pirates during the delivery 'Bloody swarm'.
Space raider Loot 50 000 hexnuts.
Space tourism Meet Brandon Richards.
The best form of defense ... Buy all offensive modules.
The Love Boat Destroy 25 ennemy ships during the delivery 'Astral journey'.
They have asked for it ... Destroy 2 ennemy ships with a single nuke.
Waste truck Bring back 10 alien toys in the delivery 'Chaotic run'.

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