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  Hints and Tips for: Space Bucks 
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 Space Bucks Cheats

Space Bucks

Tips for galactic domination:
1.Buy plenty of starships:
  While an intricate, looping trade route between five systems looks
  elegant, those ports won't be visited very often, and since trade makes
  money, you want to trade as often as possible. Try for one ship for each
  two-planet hop. 
  Remember: volume, volume, volume.

2.Name your starships for the course they fly:
  As the game progresses it's very difficult to remember which ships go
  where and why. Naming ships things like Tellus-Uniks (food) will help 
  youkeep track.

3.Appeasement never lasts:
  If the locals of a system have come to dislike you, don't just build a
  mall or sports complex and think that will make them happy. Bread and
  circuses won't work in the future either. Rather, build a factory and
  give the people something to do.
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