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  Hints and Tips for: Space Jam 
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 Space Jam Cheats

Space Jam

Cheat Codes:
The PC Space Jam cheats must be typed in after the "SJ" command line
when the program is run....(with a space inbetween) 
[Example: "sj little_toons"]
To activate more than one cheat at a time, you may tag on as many 
cheats as desired, adding a space before each one.
[Example: "sj little_toons little_monstars superjumps"] 

Code              Effect
little_monstars - Shrinks monstars
little_toons    - Shrinks tune squad
big_monstars    - Grows monstars
big_toons       - Grows tune squad
alwaysmakeshot  - Always make the shot
alwaysdunk      - Every shot is a dunk
fastgame        - Accelerates game speed
turbofly        - Hit turbo while jumping to get "extra boost"
endlessturbo    - Permanently full turbo meter
fadeaways       - Jump in whatever direction you were moving in
noinbounds      - Never have to inbound the ball
noshotclock     - Disables the shot clock
superpush       - Super-strong pushes
superjump       - Super-strong jumps
noai            - Uses secret courts in-game at random
Kanopef         - Activates endless turbo, fadeaways, no inbounds, 
                  no shot clock, turbofly and always-make-shot cheats.

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