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  Hints and Tips for: Space Rangers 
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 Space Rangers Cheats

Space Rangers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Le Phuoc Phong
Edited by: Tileann

Note: You gain 1 cheat point per day. Therefore, if you spend 
300 days in space or planet you will get 300 cheat points. 
To activate a cheat, press Ctrl and Shift while entering the 
cheatcode, then release all in order to activate.

Submitted by: Deivax
Edited by: Tileann

Space Rangers [cheats] Summary:

[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Repair : 40 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanMax : 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanCall : 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+RangerPoints : 150 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+NextRank : 90 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+CoolWeapon : 100 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+LowCostWeapon : 20
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Bomb : 60
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Artefact : 40 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Money : 40
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Drop : 60
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Paking : 300
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanItem : 160 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+WeaponStrength : 200 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+10Bomb : 140 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+RndBase : 30
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+OpenMapSector : 20 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+HugeMoney : 300 
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+PelengSurprise : 100
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+SuperHull : 250
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Boom : 30
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Pirates : 100

Space Rangers' cheat codes:

After using a cheat, all your cheatpoints are reset.

If you try to call a cheat while having less than required 
cheat points you'll get a message stating how many points
you lack. Collect more cheat points and try again. 

The game uses cheat monitor feature. If you used more than 
100 cheatpoints and submit your score to an official scoretable 
at , you'll be listed as cheater in 
top-scores chart.

Name : Fast repair
Description : Repairs all your equipment
Use when : Everywhere
To use : Lay on the sun and type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Repair
Cost: 40

Name : Dozen of klissans
Description : next turn each klissan-occupied system 
produces 12 more klissan ships
Use when : Everywhere
To use : [Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanMax
Cost: 20

Name : Fake Z-transmiter
Description : Summons klissans to the curent star system.
Use when : You want to summon 20 or less klissans to your 
curent location.
To use : [Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanCall
Cost: 20

Name : Lazy ranger
Description : Donate 1000 units of fake protoplasm
Use when : You have less than 1000 unassigned ranger 
To use : Enter ranger base and type 
Cost: 150

Name : Promosion
Description : Instant promotion.
Use when : Your rank is not the highest one.
To use : Enter military base and type 
Cost: 90

Name : Cool gun
Description : Planet's equipment shop receives high-end 
weapon for sale
Use when : You are on the inhabited planet
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+CoolWeapon
Cost: 100

Name : Cheap gun
Description : Planet's equipment shop sells random weapon for 1 cr
Use when : There are less than 50 items in equipment shop
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+LowCostWeapon
Cost: 20

Name : Two bombs
Description : Adds 2 quark bombs to your cargo hold
Use when : You have less than 10 items in cargo hold. Use 
when you are in space.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Bomb
Cost: 60

Name : Random artifact
Description : Adds random artifact to your cargo hold
Use when : You have less than 10 items in cargo hold. Use 
when you are in hyperspace.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Artefact
Cost: 40

Name : Money
Description : Adds 10000 cr to your money
Use when : You have less than 10000 cr
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Money
Cost: 40

Name : Drop
Description : Closest ship drops all of his equipment except 
engine and fuel tank.
Use when : Closest ship is not Mahpella.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Drop
Cost: 60

Name : Packing
Description : Halves size and weight of each player owned 
item on the ship. Except hull, of course.
Use when : You are in space.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Packing
Cost: 300

Name : Gift of science
Description : Scientist give you Klissani item.
Use when : Researchbase
To use : Enter research base and type 
Cost: 160

Name : Evil strength
Description : Damage by your and pirates' weapons is 10-20 
points higher. You became a pirate. 
Planets and civilian ships start hating you.
Use when : You are in the pirates' base
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+WeaponStrength
Cost: 200

Name : Bombardment
Description : 10 quark boms appear in space at disstance 
800-1500 from the player.
Use when : You are in space
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+10Bomb
Cost: 140

Name: New Base
Description: creates a random base in the current system.
Rules: There can be no more then 3 bases in the current system.
To use: On a planet type, Shift+Ctrl+RndBase
Cost: 30

Name : Show sector
Description : Reveals unexplored sector on the map.
Use when : Your galaxy map is incomplete.
To use : Enter pirates' base and type 
Cost: 20

Name : Huge money
Description : +100000 cr.
Use when : You have less than 1 million cr.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+HugeMoney
Cost: 300

Name : Pelengs' superiority
Description : Pelengs manufacture weapons with double 
range! Non-peleng planets and civilian ships start hating you
Use when : Anywhere.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+PelengSurprise
Cost: 100

Name : Hyperstrength
Description : Adds 30% more to your hull. Repairs damage.
Use when : You are in space
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+SuperHull
Cost: 250

Name : Big bang!
Description : Enemy hyperspace ships suicide.
Use when : Fighting an arcade battle in hyperspace
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Boom
Cost: 30

Name : Hate rangers
Description : All non ranger ships become hostile upon all 
rangers. Planet and ranger-to-ranger attitudes remain the same.
Use when : In space.
To use : Type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+HateRangers
Cost: 10

Name : Pirats' uprising
Description : Each commonwealth controled system 
produces one more pirate next turn.
Use when : Everywhere
To use : Enter pirates' base and type [Shift]+[Ctrl]+Pirates
Cost: 100

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