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  Hints and Tips for: Sparkle 3: Genesis 
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 Sparkle 3: Genesis Cheats

Sparkle 3: Genesis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Green Badge" achievement:
You must defeat the Vortex Guardian in the quest to unlock Blue River. You will
encounter him between all vortexes. Do not fight him there. Instead, lead him 
outside the vortex field. Once there, it will be easier to damage him in order 
to bring his shield down and eat elements. 

Easy "Like a boss" achievement:
To achieve the required level of absorption, you must be a Blue Animo with the
power of aspiring elements. This makes it easier and faster to get them into 
your mouth. Consider quickly growing by eating two nests in Sunny Shore then 
reload the level to eat again. Also do Spikey Rivers first; the bigger you are,
the more difficult it will be to navigate the tunnels. You can reload Blue River, 
where the first tournament is held, if the red bar is too high.

Easy "Sheppard" achievement:
"The Dangerous Ways" quest is started in the second level of "Green Deep", 
where you must kill the Vortex Guardian. You will have to escort three little
species, with four balls each. The parasites are in green and will eat those 
balls. Sometimes you have five to ten of them to fight. To get all three allies 
to the nest, hit the parasites to kill them to prevent them from eating the balls.
Once one loses all of them, it dies and you will have to reload the level in 
order restart the mission. To protect your allies, take your time. Advance in 
small distances so you only have to fight one or two parasites at once. Go back 
so that your allies do not go forward by themselves and attract too many parasites.
Make sure that none of them get down to one ball halfway or it will be an easy 
target. Destroy every parasite so none of them can attack from behind. 

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view 
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search
for the game hub that corresponds to [Sparkle 3: Genesis]. Select the
"View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's 

Achievement         How to unlock
Adolescent        - Achieve level 5.
Algae Badge       - Unlock the Green Deep.
Apprentice        - Unlock the Sunny Shore.
Barbed Badge      - Unlock the Deep Blue.
Blue Badge        - Unlock the Barbed Vestibule.
Blue Factor       - Create Amino using only Blue Elements.
Blue Madness      - Fill the whole DNA with Blue Elements.
Competitor        - Win an absorbtion tournament.
Dappled           - Create Amino using all types of Elements.
Deep Badge        - Unlock the Rosette Void.
Duramen           - Win an absorbtion tournament with 70% advantage.
Genecitist        - Fill the whole DNA.
Green Badge       - Unlock the Blue River.
Green Factor      - Create Amino using only Green Elements.
Green Madness     - Fill the whole DNA with Green Elements.
Grown             - Achieve level 50.
Leviathans Badge  - Defeat the Leviathan.
Like a boss       - Win an absorbtion tournament with 80% advantage.
Mature            - Achieve level 20.
Missed Path       - Get thrown to a different depth.
Nest Traitor      - Finish all jellyfish related quests.
Newborn           - Achieve level 1.
Perfect Control   - Finish all tunnel related quests.
Picker            - Get back for a hidden nutrients reward.
Predator          - Kill any other species.
Red Badge         - Unlock the Leviathans Lair.
Red Factor        - Create Amino using only Red Elements.
Red Madness       - Fill the whole DNA with Red Elements.
Rosette Badge     - Unlock the Red Labirynth.
Sunny Badge       - Unlock the Algae Field.
Tough Guy         - Win an absorbtion tournament with 60% advantage.

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