Speed Racer Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Speed Racer 
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 Speed Racer Cheats

Speed Racer

Extra money and weapons:
Enter TOM LOUGHRY or TOD THORSON as names.

More Cars: 
* Place first on all three tracks to gain the Fire Ant and Samurai cars. 
* To get Racer X's Shooting Star, beat all tracks on endurance. 
* To get the Demon car, beat the time trial with the Shooting Star. 
* To get the ultimate GRX, take the Demon car into the hidden tunnel 
  shortcut, hit and remove all pillars, activate C and D, and hit the
  tomb wall to the left.

Demon car:
Finish the time trial in first with the Shooting Star. 

Ultimate GRX car:
Drive the Demon car into the hidden tunnel shortcut. Hit and remove all
pillars, activate the C and D features, and run into the tomb wall on 
the left side.

Unlock Concept Art Movie:
In order to unlock the "Concept Art Movie," complete Class 3, Championship
8 with a ranking of 3rd or higher. In order to view the movie, select 
"Movies" under the "Options" menu.
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