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  Hints and Tips for: Spellbreak 
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 Spellbreak Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Combos:
Written by KAIIRU

Stone - removes toxic puddles. No effect on cloud.

Ice - can convert puddles either way. Freezes toxic cloud nullifying it 
into a turd.

Wind - can combine tornado with toxic spray. (fire makes it explode) Tornado 
and Toxic  Cloud can nullify each other. Why? Ask the dumpster baby devs.

Lightning - Can electrify toxins dealing AoE.

Fire - Makes cloud go big boom. Can combine with fire wall to make cover that 
blocks shots.

Lightning - Nullifies each other with small window.

Ice - Shockwave shatters ice puddles. ice can freeze boulderfall. 
If Boulderfall hits puddles you get ice blocks.

Fire - Combines with shockwave for big dam which can also block fireballs. 
Combines with boulderfall to create majora's mask moon

Toxic - can destroy toxic puddles. Toxic Cloud is immune.

Wind - Tornado redirects Boulderfall for epic trickshot & can also block 
basic wind.

Ice - Cancels each other and makes steam. Bill Nye said so.

Lightning - Sucks in lightning and nerfs it.

Toxic - Clouds go big boom. Can turn fire walls into cover.

Stone - Boulderfall = doom moon. Shockwave can spread fire.

Wind - basic wind cuts through fire attacks. Turns tornado into fire 
(Which can be exploded by toxic).

Ice - Electrifies puddles and turns steam into damage boy.

Fire - Drags in and nerfs.

Toxic - Shocks puddles and Clouds making AoE damage.

Stone - Nullifies each other with timing.

Wind - Just makes the tornado spicy.

Lightning - Electrifies puddles and basic ice attacks. AoE damage to steam.

Fire - bruh I already told you, they cancel each other and create steam ???.

Toxic - Freezes it. wow. Use solid cloud as cover if you want, probably won't 
work. hope I get you killed.

Stone - Freezes Boulderfall. If Boulderfall hits puddles ice blocks go 
everywhere. puddles get shattered by shockwave.

Wind - Tornado destroys all ice. Basic wind shatters ice puddles.

Toxic - toxic shots and puddles combine with tornado. Basic wind can destroy 
a toxic cloud after some hits and budge it around. Cloud can cancel tornado 
though because devs got an education from a dumpster.

Fire - combines with tornado. Gets canceled by basic wind.

Lightning - combines with tornado. basic wind can be shocked to slap players 
and make them uninstall.

Ice- gets destroyed by wind and makes a whole bunch of annoying mist. 
Tornado will redirect ice shots turning them into trickshots. 
If you miss, you have to replay tutorial.

Stone - Boulderfall blocks basic wind but gets redirected by tornado making 
another trickshot.

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