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  Hints and Tips for: Spellcaster University 
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 Spellcaster University Cheats

Spellcaster University

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Obtain The Archimage:
Written by Bouchée Vapeur

The archimage is obtained when a student has high mastery of at least 4 schools of magic.

-=Starting the Game=-
I advise you to launch a normal game in very easy, so that students are more focused 
on their studies and pick the option choose the magic books.

Then go to the lake region, because the special faction will give you big learning 
bonuses when you complete their quest.

Finaly select the magic books that upgrade the learning speed or reduces the needs 
for your students.

-=Building the School=-
Build your school keeping in mind what you picked when you laucnhed the game, does 
your arcanum classroom boosts the learning speed of nearby rooms? put it in the center 
of the major learning classes. Are your classes more efficient the higher they go? put 
them on the top of your school and let the dormitories on the first floor etc...

Don't forget that your refectories are more efficient next to a stable or the herborist 
classroom, so keep room next to them when you build them, then choose the right rule in 
the directors quarters.

When you create the houses you should keep an eye open for the houses with the bonuses 
that are effective with learning everything.

If you create an other house with funny people in it, it will help the other sutdents 
learn faster.

When you build learning classes always choose the teacher with the best learning skill 
even if you have to pay a bit more.

-=The Wait=-
Everything should be done by now.

Now you just have to build all the classrooms needed and upgrade them.

You might want to buy an aquarium to start the quest with the special faction Nessie. 
If he came before you could buy one, just tell him to wait.

After you give him some fish, you will have to buy 4 dragons and put them in the school, 
they should be of different color. You can put them in the school before the aquarium. 
Nessie will then give you 40% faster learning for the rest of the game.

When you can go on the map, go to the merchants camp when you are high enough on gold 
(if not ask for the king when starting). At the camp buy teaching rooms to upgrade your 

Since teaching rooms can be bought on the map and with the mana, buy stress releaving 
rooms or houses if you dont have a good one for the archimage when you buy cards with 

-=Pay your teachers maximum wage.=-
Put all your students in the House you build for the archimage, if you found funny 
students put them in a House build for them, giving them bonuses when they talk to 
other students.

Now just wait for them to finish their learning course and you will have one.

You should do it in an hour or so.

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