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  Hints and Tips for: SpellForce 3 
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 SpellForce 3 Cheats

SpellForce 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Where I can find save game:
* For non-Steam games right click the shortcut and choose "Open file location".
  Here you find the Save folder.
* For Steam games right-click the game in the Steam library and choose 
  "Properties", then go to the "Local files" tab and click "Browse local files". 
  Here you find the Save folder.

Secret & Hidden Achievements:
Completed the Mentalist Ritual at Aonirís Blade. (Secret)

-=Ancient Creatures=-
Learned how to summon Titans. (Secret)

-=Escape Artist=-
Freed all the prisoners when escaping from the Grey Keep. (Secret)
-=Betrayerís Child After All=-
Finished Liannon. (Secret)

-=Dragon Whisperer=-
You fulfilled a task for the Elder Dragon. (Secret)

-=Old Grudges=-
Dealt with Alistair. (Secret)

-=Prison Break=-
Escaped the Grey Keep with a new ally. (Secret)

Sided with the Deathmen in Aonirís Blade. (Secret)

Sided with the Iron Falcons in Aonirís Blade. (Secret)

You annoyed the composer by muting the ingame music. (Secret)

-=Dat Doe, Though=-
You were killed by peaceful wildlife. (Secret)

-=Public Enemy Number One=-
Defeated the Nortander army in the Iskander Wilds. (Secret)

Slew the Elder Dragon. (Secret)

-=Scourge of the Working Class=-
Stop touching the workers! (Secret)

-=Press F to Pay Respects=-
If only real life were as simple as that. (Secret)

-=They Fit Just Right=-
Those prisoner clothes really look good on you. (Secret)

-=Tis But a Scratch=-
You avatar died. (Secret)

You were killed by a tiny spider. Thatís actually pretty impressive. (Secret)

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