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  Hints and Tips for: Spelunky 2 
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 Spelunky 2 Cheats

Spelunky 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Safe and easy stealing from shopkeepers:
To easily kill shopkeepers, simply use rope. Before attacking a shopkeeper, look 
and see if they have any explosive objects. Shotguns, certain weapons, and bomb 
bags will explode when shot (be careful). When ready, walk up and stand directly
on a shopkeeper. Launch a rope in his tiny cubby hole for him to be ejected out 
of the shop without his shotgun. Grab it and shoot the shopkeeper. Sometimes, 
shopkeepers will drop keys —- this only happens if there is a locked room beneath
the shop. Throw the key away if it drops and grab the shotgun instead. Shopkeepers
are quick, even without weapons. If there are bombs or other explosives in the 
shop, leave or walk past them before shooting the shotgun and killing the 

Note: Killing a shopkeeper will mark you as an enemy for the rest of the game. 
You will get a great weapon early, but more shopkeepers will hunt you on each 
level. Any shopkeepers that spawn will patrol their shops with weapons drawn, 
and they do not spawn additional items. The level exits will also be guarded by
one or two shopkeepers. Thus, this is a high risk, high reward option. 
If there are multiple useful items that will make the rest of your run easy, try 
going for it. You can also use the shotgun to kill future shopkeepers in later 
areas, or use the money to unlock shortcuts.

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