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  Hints and Tips for: Spider-Man 
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 Spider-Man Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: yoosi

In Specials, enter:(for pc)

Enemies Have Big Heads      - Code: JOELSPEANUTS 
Play as Mary Jane           - Code: GIRLNEXTDOOR
Play as The Shocker         - Code: HERMANSCHULTZ
Play as a Scientist         - Code: SERUM
Play as a Police Officer    - Code: REALHERO 
Play as Captain Stacey      - Code: CAPTAINSTACEY 
Play as Thug Model 1        - Code: KNUCKLES 
Play as Thug Model 2        - Code: STICKYRICE 
Play as Thug Model 3        - Code: THUGRUS 
All Fighting Controls       - Code: KOALA 
First Person View           - Code: UNDERTHEMASK 
Infinite Webbing            - Code: ORGANICWEBBING 
Big Head and Feet           - Code: GOESTOYOURHEAD
Small Spider-Man            - Code: SPIDERBYTE 
Matrix-Style Attacks        - Code: DODGETHIS 
Super Coolant               - Code: CHILLOUT 
Goblin-Style Costume        - Code: FREAKOUT 
Regular Levels,FMVs,Gallery - Code: ARACHNID 
Level Skip                  - Code: ROMITAS 
Level Select                - Code: IMIARMAS 
Bonus Training Levels       - Code: HEADEXPLODY 

Cheatmode 2:
Update by: shums badwal
Update by: Goshik

Update by: BGAdventurer

Submitted by: kevin fisher

Update by: rashad ameer

Go to SPECIAL / CHEATS and enter the codes from the list. 

Result                     Code  
master code              - eel nats
level select             - xclsior
invincibility            - rustcrst
full health              - dcstur
unlimited webbing        - strudl
all comic books          - allsixcc
all gallery characters   - cviewen
symbiote spidey costume  - blkspider
spidey 2099 costume      - twntyndn
Toon Spidey              - FUNKYTWN 
Stick Spidey             - STICKMAN 
Ben Reilly Costume       - CLUBNOIR 
invulnerable             - ADMNTIUM 
What If Contest          - UATUSEES 
Character Viewer         - RGSGLLRY 
Movie Viewer             - CINEMA 
Comic Collection         - FANBOY 
Level Select             - MME WEB 
Game Comic Covers        - KIRBYFAN 
Storyboard Viewer        - ROBRTSON 
Quick Change Costume     - SM LVIII 
Peter Parker Costume     - MRWATSON 
Amazing Bag Man Costume  - KICK ME 
Scarlet Spider Costume   - XILRTRNS 
Spidey Unlimited Costume - SYNOPTIC 
Captain Universe Costume - TRISNTNL 
spidey 2099 costume      - MIGUELOH 
symbiote spidey costume  - SECRTWAR 
James Jewett             - RULUR 
pulsating head           - EGOTRIP 
unlimited webbing        - GLANDS 
everything               - LEANEST 
full health              - WEAKNESS

Easy enemy kills: 
Thug: If you have enough web fluid, just web trap him until he is down and he 
will disappear. You can also just web yank them into a wall, impact web them 
off a building, or grapple them and punch them until they are gone. Bank Thug: 
Same strategy as for Thug. Police and Swat: Do not bother fighting them, just 
keep moving. Police Helicopter: When you see the target, move. The easiest way
to get out of the way is to jump towards the nearest building and web swing 
over. You cannot destroy the helicopters. 
Lizard Men: Strategies vary, depending on where you are. If facing multiple 
men in a tunnel, web yank one to you and finish him off with your fist one at
a time. If one is near water, web yank or impact web him into it. If one is 
on a pipe above a pit, impact web him or yank him in. 
Symbiotes: First, destroy the generators. If alone (without fire webbing) 
jump and hit punch or kick to hit him from above, then hit with a 1, 2, 3 
combo and repeat. If near a furnace, knock him into it to set him on fire.
If you have fire webbing, impact web him or web trap him until he catches 
fire. When in the warehouse, pick up a can or box that is labeled flammable
and throw it at them. If you are low on energy and on the subway or fighting
a large group of symbiotes, constantly create web-domes until they are all 
gone, or the sub stops. Any enemy can be grabbed and punched or kicked except
the Bosses. Often the grab maneuver followed by a punch or kick will do the 
job. Most often the punch is more effective because you can perform it as 
many times as needed to successfully kill the enemy. 
Note: This tactic does not work as well on the pink Symbiotes. They can 
sometimes throw you over their back. Unlock the enhanced strength costumes, 
then use the web gloves to kill enemies easier: thugs (1), henchmen (1 or 2),
lizardmen (1 or 3), and symbiotes (3) 

Level 5.3: Hidden room:
In level 5.3 (the level before Mysterio, downstairs in the Daily Bugle), you 
have to destroy two Symbiote generators and then find the imposter Spider-Man-
Mysterio. After finding the first generator and destroying it, find the second
one. The wall behind the second generator is holographic. It does not appear 
so, but when you try to climb it, you will go right through. 
Two web cartridges and one flame cartridge are inside. 

Stop The Presses level: What If mode flattened Spider-Man:
If Spider-Man falls into the printing press, a flattened Spidey in his red 
and blue suit will be stuck to the paper (no matter which suit you use). 

Waterfront Warehouse level: What If mode hidden armor:
Go to the waterfront warehouse in "What If" mode. When you start, there will 
be a stack of boxes next to you with one of the generators on it. Go past this
stack to find a box that appears different from the rest. You can take off the
cover of the box just by doing the same action to lift objects. Inside the box
is Spidey armor and "The Ark Of The Covenant". 

Waterfront Warehouse level: What if mode No-Prize envelope:
When you first enter the Waterfront Warehouse level, go to the left and jump 
up on the boxes. The boxes on top will have the Marvel Comics "No-Prize" 
envelope wording on them. 

Make Spider-Man sleep:
Start the game in "What If" mode and do not do anything. Spider-Man will 
eventually will shoot a web straight up, cling on it, and start sleeping. 
Note: This only happens in indoor levels, or in levels with a ceiling. 

What If mode:
What If mode adds small variances in the game, for example The Torch will be
on the FF building. You will know that it is definitely unlocked, if you see
the Watcher just after the second FMV sequence (featuring the helicopters). 
He will have new dialogue. 

Tony Hawk appearance:
After you defeat Scorpion, he will knock over a desk with a television. As it 
falls you can see Tony Hawk skate boarding on the monitor.

Submitted by: DHARMIL


Submitted by: Deeptak Mazumder

Go to SPECIAL / CHEATS and enter the code SYNOPTIC for Spidey Unlimited 
Costume .now go to special/ Spidey Unlimited Costume then 
press escape to go to the main menu and start the game .while you'r playing 
the game press aim and punch together to toggle invincibility .
Note: invincibility won't work against helecopter (police) & bosses.

How to defeat the two first bosses:
Submitted by: MrKira444

To defeat Scorpion and Rhino, you could shot at him with your web. Stay shooting it 
so they can't move. The, aproach and do the job... punches and kicks... 
This way, you will haven't problems to defeat'em.

Remove Venom easy as Apple pie cake:
Submitted by: waqarcyber
Email :

Venom is somehow difficult and long chase boss of the game. If you unable to defeat 
him in (i) - Spidey vs. Venom! and (ii)-Spidey vs. Venom again! stages do some changes
to game. From Normal and Hard mode of the game change it to easy or kid mode. 
In this way Spider-Man kicks and punches reduce more energy of Venom and he escapes or 
eliminated very quickly. The Symbiotes can be burn by throwing fire web on them. 
One short is not helpful. It takes 2 to 4 series of short to burn out Symbiotes.

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