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  Hints and Tips for: Spring of Decadence 
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 Spring of Decadence Cheats

Spring of Decadence

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Full Walkthrough:
Basic Walkthrough in case you don't know what to do or where to go to proceed 
the story.

-=Game Basics=-
Arrows = Moviment
Shift = Run
Enter = Confirm
Space = Confirm
Esc = Cancel/Menu
F4 = Change Resolution
F5 = Reset
Alt + F4 = Quit

-=Game Options=-
1=Toggle Run
2=Toggle "Remember last move" (example: you used "guard" command. 
  The next turn, the cursor will be above this "guard" command)

If you want to see the scenes during the gameplay (and not in the gallery when 
you complete the game), I recommend you to talk to everybody and lose a battle 
to every kind of enemy. Some events only happen when your **** points are above 
a certain number, then sometimes you need to go back when you reach it.

As you level up, you learn new skills/spells. IMHO, most of them are useless, 
you will only need these:

Lvl 1	Suicide (MP 0)     - The skill with a heart icon. When you want to be defeated.
Lvl 2	Heal (MP 25)       - This can be used during and out the battle. Essential.
Lvl 5	Fire AOE (MP 20)   - Very useful against early enemies (but it depends on the ^
                           gear you are using, if it favors magic).
Lvl 17 GreatHeal (MP 80) - It's almost a "full heal". For the final battles, this 
                           will replace your basic Heal.

-=The 4th tab of the items menu has some useful features=-
1.The first book lists your **** activities and shows your **** points.
2.Each "round stone" teleports you to a place: the first to your home village, 
  the second to the main city and the third to the east city. 
  You get them as you visit these places.
3.The walking icon let you toggle to keep showing your character or not. 
  This can solve some bugs.
4.The last book tells your next destination (or at least I think it does).

The arena is a great place to farm xp and gold (if you can beat it).

* Go to the "Inn" and talk to the barman.
* Talk to the man in the Weapon Store.
* Go back to the "Inn" and talk to the barman again.
* Keep going to north until the event.
* Grab the items in this chest and equip them. 
* Take the 1000 g in the upper floor BEFORE leaving the building.
* Leave your home. 
* Go to this house south of the "Inn" and talk to the man inside.
* Leave the village through the south way and proceed to the main city (castle).
* After the event, leave the boy's home and go to the west part of the city. 
* Enter the church and talk to the priest.
* Go back to the boy's home and sleep in your bed (the bath is optional).
* Go to the center of the city and enter the library. 
* In the second floor, talk to the man in the table 
  (he's important, I will refer him as "NiceHair").
* Go to the NiceHair's home (north of the church) and talk to him in the second floor.
* Leave the city and go south to the forest.
* In the forest, fight the monsters and collect the chests. Defeat the boss.
* Go back to NiceHair's home and talk to him. After the event, talk to him again.
* Proceed to this part of the map. Fight the bandits until you get to the boss. 
* Defeat him.
* Go back to NiceHair's home and talk to him. 
* When you leave, you will be in the boy's home. 
* Talk to him and then sleep in your bed.
* In the next day talk again to NiceHair. Proceed to this part of the map. 
* The events in the "Inn" are optional, but you need to go there twice if you want 
  to trigger the party event. 
* After the party (or not), keep going north fighting the orcs.
* After the boss (blue orc?), go to the small town. 
* Enter the "Dock" building and travel to the "snow city".
* Leave the "snow city" and go to the "snow castle". 
* Fight the monsters to the 3rd floor then defeat the boss.
* Go back to NiceHair's home and talk to him.
* After the event, go to the boy's home and talk to him. 
* Sleep in your bed. 
* The next day, when you leave the house, a mysterious man will appear. 
* Go back and talk to the boy again.
* Go to this tower in the map and travel to the "east city". 
* When you are leaving the "Dock" building, the GreenHair will have a conversation with you.
* Talk to the "innkeeper". 
* After the conversation, sleep in your room (you can rest here for free).
* Follow this small path...
* ... and talk to this witch in the most left building.
* Buy this "maid" outfit from the BlueHair guy near the tents. 
* Wear the outfit.
* Talk to this guy in the building above the weapon shop. 
* Talk to the patron in the second floor. 
* After the event, go back to Inn and talk to the GreenHair in your room. 
* Sleep.
* In the next day talk to the patron again. 
* After the event, head back to the main continent.
* Proceed to this part of the map. Inside, talk to the captain. 
* Talk to any soldier in the 2nd floor. 
* Go back to the 1st floor and the path will be clear.
* Go to the final castle and defeat the bosses.

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