Sprint Cars - Road To Knoxville Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Sprint Cars - Road To Knoxville 
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 Sprint Cars - Road To Knoxville Cheats

Sprint Cars - Road To Knoxville

Better traction:
When setting up your car, put low tire pressure in the right 
side tires. This will give the car more bite through the 

Easy money:
In Career mode, start at the pro stock cars and hire a cheap driver. 
Race him for a few races, then fire him and get the best driver 
available. When you are about to start the race series do not go over 
to the left to select the car. Stay there and select it. You will be 
asked you if you want to watch. Answer "No". You will then go to the 
race menu with the "Practice Heats", etc. options. Go through all 
that and you should finish first. Do this until you can afford a good 
sprint car. When you get the sprint car, do the same thing. When you 
get to the championship you will have a lot of money. Do this a few 
times so that you can buy the best car. 
You will be able to win if you can handle the car.
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